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AEA Newsletter - 11/4/2022
The AEA newsletter has been active for almost two years now and thanks for joining our subscriber list.  We appreciate the support of our AEA Ministries and encourage people to shop for gifts in the store or purchase our first book entitled An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe. 
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 292: The Farmer and the Del.  Del Bigtree travels to Virgina to visit with Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms... five-star!
Introducing the Shaun Newman podcast with Matt Ehret... history uncensored at its best!  
An essay by Matt Ehret published on Strategic Culture... have a read!
This was an engaging presentation and conversation with David Gosselin sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... enjoy!
Cathy O'Brien joins Dr. Bryan Ardis and Mel K... five-star!
A short presentation by Cathy O'Brien... enjoy!
Jason Bermas in two presentations below... check out his perspectives and research!
The Flyover Conservatives bring back Mel K for another deep dive... enjoy the perspectives and research!
The Rogue News with a roundtable of VGuerrilla, CJ, Matt Ehret and special guests Martin Sieff and Joaquin Flores... excellent analysis!
Matt Ehret with VGuerrilla and CJ for this week's Great Game on Rogue News...
Matt Ehret mentions the history of Khazaria in the podcast above... if you would like to do a deeper dive on this history, then check out the presentation Brandi and I did with Matt a few months ago.
Fiorella Isabella and the Convo Couch with Matt Ehret interview on China... interesting!
Into the future with fusion energy... an article by Jonathon Tennenbaum.
The Dive with Jackson Hinkle... check links below!
Introducing Alex Krainer on the Shaun Newman Podcast... check it out!
Ole Dammegard joins Michael Jaco for another deep dive... enjoy!
In the podcast above, Ole mentioned Chip Tatum, an operative and pilot who was interviewed by former FBI Ted Gunderson back in 1997... I watched it several years ago and it is worth checking out!
A roundtable with Nino, Michael Jaco, 
Check out Amazing Polly in this presentation... and her follow up one too!
Jordan Peterson speaks on the guise of environmentalism... have a listen!
Interesting how they cannot censor Jimmy Dore as he rips on the mainstream... his youtube channel in the link below.
An article and interview by Matt Taibbi... is Tim Robbins waking up?
Charlie Ward welcomes SG Anon on his show for insights and updates... interesting.
David Mahoney and Chas Carter join in for the After Party zoom... enjoy!
Simon Parkes with end of October updates... connecting consciousness!
Jeff Hays presents "The Real Anthony Fauci" by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in two documentary films... check out the links below!
An article by Ty and Charlene Bollinger... have a read!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 291: Deadly Protocols
Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Lapado on the Mel K Show... worth a watch!
Hemp Haven podcast with Billy DeMoss and Doug Sutherland... check it out!
Introducing the Tish Talks Podcast with Matt Ehret... have a listen!
A young student and scholar, Declan Fisher, has been studying both in college and with the Rising Tide Foundation... here is one of his essays!
The Rising Tide Foundation and Matt Ehret with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reading workshops on Lyndon LaRouche's "Economics:  The End of a Delusion"
Full text of Lyndon LaRouche's manuscript below...
Pascal Chevrier offers a presentation on Hamilton and Jefferson sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... enjoy!
The Truth Tour 2 hosted by Lewis Hermes was in Anaheim for two days to close the tour... Brandi and I attended the event and made some quality connections!

This is a subscriber link, but I thought it was good to see Corey Lynn and James White focusing on Sheriff Mack and CSPOA!


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