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AEA Newsletter - 11/10/2022
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If you missed this segment with Del Bigtree and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, then you can watch it here!
A short documentary narrated by Matt Ehret and sponsored by the Canadian Patriot... five-star!
Cynthia Chung's new book is now available... entitled The Empire on which the Black Sun Never Set... check it out and buy her book!
An article series by Matt Ehret... have a read!
Tom Luongo welcomes back Matt Ehret on his podcast show... a feisty combination!
The 4th reading workshop on Lyndon LaRouche's Economics: At the End of a Delusion...
Mel K welcomes back author Jack Cashill... always engaging!
Kevin Hoyt joins Michael Jaco for insights and updates...check it out!
Another deep dive with Mel K on the Flyover Conservatives... have a listen!
Hollywood Insider actor Chris McNally shares a few experiences on Ninos TV... hmmm.
Amazing Polly delves into the cultural matrix... check it out!
Mel K welcomes back filmmakers Matt and Joy Thayer with singer Lauren Kellie... enjoy!
David Mahoney catches up with Kevin Hoyt and Nick Sylvester... worth a listen!
Alex Jones and David Icke have a chat about new world order insanity and transparency... interesting how these two personalities are converging now.
Jackson Hinkle and the Dive podcast... geopolitics updates!
Mel K welcomes Alex Krainer for geopolitical insights and updates... have a listen!
A symposium on the Cold War sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... enjoy a deeper dive into history!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #293: Miscarriage of Science
Ty and Charlene are viewing their documentary series Propaganda Exposed now... here was the first episode that may or may not be still available.
A variety of channels for interesting interviews and more...
And a few classic songs to warm the heart and nurture the soul...
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