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AEA Newsletter - 11/17/2022
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A website I discovered supported by Sherrif Mack and the CSPOA... California Certified Organic Farmers... check it out!
A Rogue News roundtable with Alex Krainer, Matt Ehret, VGuerrila and CJ... geopolitical analysis and how the US was infiltrated by international bankers and globalists... five-star!

Parts 3 and 4 of an essay series by Matt Ehret... worth a read!
Matt Ehret returns to the Shaun Newman podcast and delves into the science of mind from the classics to present day... excellent!

Cynthia Chung reads Chapter 7 of her new book!  Enjoy!
And buy a copy of her new book at the link below!
A geopolitical roundtable debate that is worth a watch!
Re-introducing Lawrence Freeman on the Mel K Show... geopolitics and Africa... sheds light on what Matt was saying in the roundtable above!
Mel K welcomes back Benjamin Fulford for insights and updates... always interesting!
Jason Bermas commentary on independent journalism with special guest Dan Dicks from Canada... enjoy!
Interesting insights on Brazil and the global deep state.... have a listen!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #294: Ministry of Truth
A feisty Leigh Dundas and a passionate Dr. Judy Mikovits with Billy DeMoss... enjoy!
Jimmy Dore breaks down the interview Matt Taibbi did with Tim Robbins... excellent commentary!
Amazing Polly reporting from the "twilight zone"... well done Polly!
An in depth interview with Charlie Ward on the MSCS Media Podcast... enjoy!
A roundtable featuring author Dean Henderson and Charlie Ward... interesting.
Attorney Tom Renz battling on the front lines... check him out!
This one with Patrick Byrne on the Mel K Show was excellent!  Have a listen!
Mel K welcomes back Kash Patel for his insights... worth a listen!
A few commentaries on Trump's recent speech in Florida... no surprises here, but worth a listen for those interested.
Jason Bermas offers his unbiased perspectives on Trump... with guest Craig "Pasta" Jardula... worth a listen!
Deer hunter Kevin Hoyt in exile from Vermont joins Nick Veniamin for a few updates... have a listen.
David Mahoney welcomes Nick Sylvester and Kevin Hoyt for a chat... Brandi and I met Nick and Kevin at the Truth Tour 2 in Anaheim.
The story of Ally Carter... her website link is 
Jason Bermas shows 10-minute clip of former FBI agent Ted Gunderson interview from the 1990's I think... check it out!
A short presentation by Jason Bermas on a recent Dave Chappelle skit that opened Saturday Night Live (one of the most woke shows on TV according to Jason)... five-star!
A roundtable with Chris Dunn podcast "We Talk Money" on the economy and cryptos... interesting analysis!
A lecture by Dr. Quan Li sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... worth a listen!
An essay by Cynthia Chung that is worth a read!
A few original songs by Saul Rayo... we miss you, brother! Tucked in the foothills of Northern California, Saul and Elena Rayo offer a blend of original world music, mixed with back-porch blues. ...
Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDSHometown Boy (Got The Soul) · The RayosThe Rayos℗ The RayosReleased on: 2018-08-05Artist: The RayosAuto-generated by YouTube.
Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDSRequiem for America, Pt. 2 · The RayosRequiem for America, Pt. 2℗ The RayosReleased on: 2018-08-06Artist: The RayosAuto-generat...
Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDSMother Delouse Your Head · The RayosThe Rayos℗ The RayosReleased on: 2018-08-05Artist: The RayosAuto-generated by YouTube.
Featuring Saul Rayo on guitar and vocals; Elena Rayo on vocals and fiddle. Recorded live at Ancient Wave Studios in Nevada CIty, CA. A song about a relations...
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