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AEA Newsletter - 11/25/2022
Many blessings to you all during this Thanksgiving weekend!  Ripple the love within yourself and to others and stay the course!
The AEA newsletter offers a variety of voices outside the box of the mainstream media channels for alternative insights, common sense perspectives and personal self-growth.  We explore a plethora of topics encouraging folks to think with discernment and choose those links that resonate with them.  Support the AEA and check out our shop on the website link below...
Over the past few weeks, I have been posting the reading workshop with Matt Ehret on Lyndon LaRouche's Economics:  At the End of a Delusion.  I recently watched a film entitled DeGaulle about the French military commander set in 1940.  I looked up DeGaulle in the Digital Library of Alexandria and found the manuscript below under his name.  It is an excellent compliment to the reading workshop if anyone is interested in a bit of French economic history.
Below is another piece I found by author and historian Anton Chaitkin that is worth a read!  Brilliant research!
Matt Ehret joins VGuerrilla and CJ for another Rogue News podcast... enjoy!
A timely essay by Matt Ehret with additional links... have a read!
Cynthia Chung reads Chapter 8 of her new book... have a listen!
Mel K is back with the Flyover Conservatives with a deep dive on mainstream media... excellent analysis!
Introducing Ricky Varandas and the Ripple Effect Podcast with Matt Ehret... enjoy!
Mel K welcomes back author Charlie Robinson for his insights... excellent!
Jason Bermas unwraps the Epstein docs and connects the dots... excellent research!
Mel K welcomes back Jason Bermas to discuss the FTX fraud and globalist agenda to use blockchain to track and trace... always a deep dive!
Introducing Jay Dyer and his youtube channel link below... interview with Matt Ehret!
Lara Logan joins Nino for her insights on the globalist agendas and black markets raging against humanity... five-star!
Amazing Polly with insights across the board...enjoy!
This was interesting from David Icke on the manipulation of emotion... have a listen.
Dr. Shiva joins the Mel K Show sharing his experiences and insights... have a listen!
A roundtable with the three amigos... Nino, Michael Jaco and Scott McKay!
A Charlie Ward Insider's Club roundtable featuring Derek Johnson with Simon Parkes, Charlie and David Mahoney... worth a listen!
Giving thanks with Charlie Ward and Chas Carter... enjoy!
Two interviews with Nick Veniamin... one with Michael Jaco, then with Lewis Herms!
Introducing the TruthStream podcast with Joe and Scott featuring SG Anon... hmmm... use your own discernment.
Nick Veniamin has several questions for SG Anon... interesting.
It must be SG Anon week because he is showing up on a few platforms... here is one more with Scott McKay if you find this interesting.
Jimmy Dore rips on mainstream coverage of Trump's recent speech... with some commentary by Jackson Hinkle.
Jackson Hinkle and the Dive... check it out!
Introducing author Gabor Mate and his book The Myth of Normal:  Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture on the Jimmy Dore Show... five-star!
A UK documentary film "A Second Opinion" that is worth a watch!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #295:  Mind Games
I met David a few times and know him through my friend Tom G.  It is Tom's sister Paula who is married to David.  How the FBI went after him throws up some serious red flags... he is presently in prison awaiting his sentencing.  Check out the article below that summarizes his case.
Just like there are good doctors above, there are good cops in the country too!   Mel K welcomes NYPD fired officer Sal Greco... true story!
Cathy O'Brien's website if you have yet to read her books... check them out!
A few links below to explore the Tavistock Institute below... you can also read Daniel Estulin's book on Tavistock. 
This was posted on the Alpha Warrior rumble channel introducing Dave VonKleist... this is a deep dive!
I mentioned the Digital Library of Alexandria at the beginning of this newsletter created as part of the Rising Tide Foundation... have fun reading to learn from original sources and check out the link below!
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