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AEA Newsletter - 12/1/2022
For those who are reading An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe, we are considering an online class focused on the book.  If anyone is interested in such a class, then contact Brandi or me for more details.  It will be a free class, but donations to the AEA are always well received!
Cynthia Chung interviewed by VGuerrilla and Rogue News talking about her new book The Empire on which the Black Sun Never Set... five-star!
Cynthia Chung reads Chapter 6: Operation Gladio of her new book The Empire on which the Black Sun Never Set... have a listen and buy her book!
An essay by Cynthia Chung that is worth reading!  Additional podcast link in essay.
Two excellent articles by Matt Ehret below... enjoy the read!
Mel K does another deep dive with the FlyOver Conservatives on the climate change hoax... excellent connecting the dots and research!
Matt Ehret examines the cult of scientism in this one... have a read!
A presentation by Alex Krainer on economics and geopolitics sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... enjoy!
Jason Bermas weighs in on Chinese people protesting against the CCP... worth a watch!
Jason Bermas and Dan Dicks press for the truth... check it out!
A Michael Jaco roundtable with Lewis Herms, Derek Johnson and Michelle Fielding... interesting and informative insights.
Michael Jaco welcomes back Ole Dammegard for more of his perspectives... enjoy!
A rare posting by NinosTV of the "Ghost" interviews... hmmm.
Juan O'Savin catches up with Michael Jaco... worth a listen!
Sheriff Mack shares personal and CSPOA updates... interesting.
Mel K welcomes back Michael Flynn for his insights and perspectives... excellent!
Every now and again I will post an X22 Report... his research and views have been consistent.  Have a listen! 
Kevin Hoyt catches up with Nick Veniamin... have a listen!
Simon Parkes intel and updates... check it out!
Another segment to the Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal... Part 26:  Wrapping Up Genocide... check it out!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #296:  On The Run
Introducing Dr. Richard Fleming on the Mel K Show... interesting.
Author Brent Hamacheck on Dr. Zelenko book and his common ground program... have a listen!
A lecture and transcript by Cynthia Chung... excellent research.
Lyndon LaRouche's reading workshop #5 with Matt Ehret and the Rising Tide Foundation... previous readings on the RTF youtube channel.
The link to download the original text (first published by EIR in January 2002) is here: Previous American System Exploration sessions can be accessed here: To understand LaRouche's ...
Below is a historical study by Robert Ingraham entitled Manhattan's Struggle for Human Freedom Against the Slave Power of Virginia... excellent research and writing.
A few tunes that are reflective and uplifting for the soul... enjoy!

Taking you back with this Bob Segar concert at Detroit Cobo Arena on June 15th, 1980...

The hit single "Turn the Page"... enjoy!

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