Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 12/8/2022
A Manifest Essence poster link below... check out tee-shirts and hoodies too!
An essay I recently wrote posted on our AEA website... have a read!
Our dear sister Elena Rayo offers weekly Qigong online zoom classes... click on the link below to find out more!
We recently did a historical podcast with Matt Ehret on the Peace of Westphalia, the economics of Colbert, and into the 20th century and FDR... check it out!
A study by Pierre Beaudry on The Peace of Westphalia... excellent historical reading and perspectives on the topic we discussed with Matt above.
Mel K welcomes back Matt Ehret for another historical deep dive... five-star!
The Rogue News with CJ and Matt Ehret interview Whitney Webb talking about her new book One Nation Under Blackmail... five-star!
A second follow-up lecture by David Gosselin sponsored by the Canadian Patriot and hosted by Matt Ehret... enjoy this one!
Here is an essay by David Gosselin... check out his substack at
Mel K welcomes Cynthia Chung to talk about her new book The Empire on which the Black Sun Never Set... excellent interview!
A short documentary from the TruthStream Media YouTube channel posted by My Patriots Network... worth a watch!
Introducing the Jerm Warfare podcast with Matt Ehret interview... have a listen!
An article by Vanessa Beeley that is worth a read... check it out!
Jason Bermas does a deep dive with Johnny Vedmore... worthwhile analysis!
Two more links below with independent research Jason Bermas... common sense insights.
The Dive and Jackson Hinkle with geopolitical perspectives and updates... check it out!
Amazing Polly comments on Jewish leadership and Zionism... interesting.
Mel K welcomes back Patrick Byne for his intel and updates... hmmm.
Mel K welcomes Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit... have a listen!
Sheriff Mack, Sam Bushman and newly elected Sheriff R.C. Clinton from Texas... have a listen!
Nick Veniamin welcomes back Michael Jaco for his insights and updates... interesting.
Lewis Herms and a one-day telethon of truthers... worth a scan through.
A Del Bigtree post with Senator Ron Johnson and expert forum... worth a watch!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 297:  Bleeding Truth
A documentary film that may catch your interest... have a watch!
Interesting conversations have been sparking at these reading workshops... check it out!
A lecture by Frans Vandenbosch on the politics of China sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... hosted by Matt Ehret!
A documentary film entitled The Corporation... watch at your leisure.
Ally Carter shares more of her story... delves into MK-Ultra mind control and more.
Cathy O'Brien shares her tips for healing from her MK Ultra programming... excellent and simple to use guidebook!
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