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AEA Newsletter - 12/22/2022
Our dear friend Carol Mudgett will be conducting an Instantaneous Intelligence workshop in Santa Barbara on the following dates... January 7th, 14th and 21st!  Contact Brandi or I if you are interested in attending this workshop.
Check out some new items in our AEA shop!  
A five-star presentation by Cynthia Chung sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... have a listen!
Mel K welcomes back Cathy O'Brien for her inspirations and insights... enjoy!
Here is UK's Russell Brand with his new Rumble channel interviewing Tim Robbins... excellent!
Jimmy Dore welcomes Whitney Webb on his show... no comedy here as she talks about her two-volume book set One Nation Under Blackmail... five-star!
Introducing the Duran with Alex Christoforou and Alexander inviting Matt Ehret to discuss geopolitics and more... enjoy!
A geopolitical article by Matt Ehret... have a read!
Mel K welcomes back Alex Krainer with geopolitical updates... enjoy!
The Dive with Jackson Hinkle.... geopolitics in the Ukraine.
Jason Bermas does a deep dive into the history of the Club of Rome... excellent!
Jason Bermas weighs in on the lack of mainstream coverage of CIA complicity in JFK's assassination.... worth a watch!
Introducing whistleblower Jack Maxey on NinosTV... check it out!
Introducing FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin on the Mel K Show... worth a listen!
Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies joins the Mel K Show... enjoy!
UK Russell Brand interviews journalist Matt Taibbi... have a listen!
Ty and Charlene Bollinger comments and perspectives on The Twitter Files in a six-part series... part 8 below with links to all the parts.
Michael Jaco and Lewis Herms chop it up on moving forward... hmmmm.
Kevin Hoyt joins Michael Jaco to discuss a variety of topics... hmmmm.
Leana speaks on behalf of a National Assembly movement... discern for yourself.
Or you can watch her with Lewis Herms below... covers much of the same material.
A Charlie Ward Insider's Club with special guest Juan O'Savin... hmmmm.
Introducing Loy Brunson on the Charlie Ward Show... interesting.
Introducing Dr. Jessica Rose on the Canadian Patriot Podcast hosted by Matt Ehret... worth a listen and highly informative.
Dr. Jessica Rose's website link below...
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #299:  Del Unwrapped!
Charlie Ward welcomes Dr. Peter McCullough on to his show... excellent!
Jason Bermas follows the Weinstein trail... interesting.
Scratching the surface and digging a bit deeper into Walt Disney... hmmmm.
The reading workshop continues with Lyndon LaRouche's Economics:  At the End of a Delusion... a deeper dive!
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