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AEA Newsletter - 12/29/2022
I thought you might enjoy a short story I wrote entitled A Creation Story... many blessings and may you open presence all year long!
We appreciate your interest in our AEA Ministries... thank you for the support! 
Cynthia Chung's new book The Empire On which the Black Sun Never Set and Matt Ehret's Clash of the Two Americas (with Volume 4 coming out in the new year)... worth the purchase!
The Rising Tide Foundation offers some holiday film picks... enjoy a classic!
A collage of pictures posted by the Rising Tide Foundation... in the American spirit.
An essay by Gerald Therrien delving deeper into the origins of Shakespeare... enjoy a read!
An essay by Cynthia Chung... enjoy!
The Great Game by Rogue News with hosts CJ and VGuerrilla and special guest Matt Ehret!
An article by Matt Ehret posted at the Strategic Culture Foundation... have a read!
Amazing Polly offers good cheer over the holidays... many blessings!
Two links below for Corey Lynn's website and Rumble channels... excellent resources!
The Dive with Jackson Hinkle... geopolitics and more!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #300!
Several UK doctors make an appeal to stop the jabs... hmmm.
A short promo clip from Good Lion TV and Nick Alvear... worth a watch!
Check out part 1 of The Real Anthony Fauci... or read Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s book!
This short music video appears to be getting passed around... have a watch!
Introducing Dr. James Lindsay with Mel K on critical race theory and other globalist machinations... worth a listen!
Dr. James Linsday's website link below...
Christie Hutcherson on the Mel K Show uncorking the border issues... she is a boots on the ground investigator!
The X22 Report welcomes back Kash Patel... digging deeper into the corruption.
Introducing military insider Ivan Raiklin on the Mel K show... interesting.
Kevin Hoyt rejoins Michael Jaco for his experiences and insights... have a listen!
Ole Dammegard joins Michael Jaco for another deep dive... check it out!
An article by Joaquim Hagopian that is worth a read!
Jason Bermas on his Reality Rants show (links below)... always interesting.
An interview with Charlie Ward on the MSCS Media podcast... interesting overview!
Introducing Matthew North with this deep dive on Joe Rogan... posted on Dustin Nemos' Bitchute channel... connecting dots with excellent research!  
Unfortunately, he was found in his car a couple of years ago with a bullet to his head. He was from Berrien, Michigan.
I found this channel for Matthew North that had videos up until his death... thought it was worth sharing in honor of his memory.
My Patriots Network posted this... Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (second link below).
Sheriff Dar Leaf joins Sheriff Mack and the CSPOA... worth a listen!
Introducing Duncan Trussell with Russell Brand... worth a listen!
Check out some Jimmy Dore over the holidays!
Introducing comedian Anna Deavere... enjoy!
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