Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 1/6/2023
Sharing the AEA vision here on campus Earth 2023!  Enjoy the soul tide on the rise and stay the course!
Five-star geopolitical roundtable hosted by CJ and the Rogue News... worth a listen!
The Great Game with Matt Ehret and VGuerrilla and CJ from Rogue News... geopolitical updates and economic issues... five-star!
Cynthia Chung is back with the Convo Couch talking about her new book... enjoy!
Introducing Sara Haboubi and Making Sense of Madness with guest Matt Ehret...
Jackson Hinkle and The Dive podcast... geopolitical analysis and more!
Mel K welcomes back geopolitical analyst Joaquim Flores... excellent!
The FlyOver Conservatives welcome back Mel K for another deep dive... enjoy!
Introducing Shavon Ayala and The Revealing podcast with guest Matt Ehret... have a listen to this one!
Mel K welcomes back Patrick Byrne with positive reinforcements into 2023... enjoy!
Jason Bermas and his Reality Rants show into 2023... hmmmm.
Nick Veniamin welcomes back Michael Jaco for his insights... check it out!
Sacha Stone with a 2023 roundtable of sorts with special guest Sean Stone at the end... worth a listen.
The TruthStream podcast with guest Kevin Hoyt... hmmmm.
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 301:  Pandemicology
Introducing Dr. Andrew Huff... interesting and worth a watch!
Mel K brings back Dr. Robert Malone talking about his new book... worth a watch!
An interesting interview with Dr. Peter on his book on human and child trafficking on NinosTV... interesting.
A few links with updates on child trafficking...
For a deep dive into the subject and further reading...
A few tunes to help enjoy the ride...
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