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AEA Newsletter - 1/12/2023
Thank you all for your support of our AEA Ministries!  We are dedicated to sharing truth, love, fair counsel and our expanding creativity.  A soul tide is on the rise... catch the wave!  And share our free newsletters with other people in your life!
Special Note:  The AEA will be sponsoring a free online metaphysical class using our book An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe as the central theme.  We are considering the best day and time to launch this class by the end of January.  Contact Brandi or Vincent if you're interested in participating.
In this lecture sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation and host Matt Ehret, author Bruce DeTorres does a five-star presentation on JFK... enjoy!
A lecture by Cynthia Chung with the transcript too!  Five-star!
An interview with Cynthia Chung on Not The BBC podcast... enjoy!

A lecture by historian Martin Sieff that may spark your interest!  Hosted by Matt Ehret and sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation.
This lecture was mentioned by Matt in the presentation above... it is followed by the Q & A too... enjoy!
Here is a list of Martin Sieff's lectures sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... enjoy several deep dives into history!
The Great Game with VGuerrilla and CJ and guest Matt Ehret... enjoy!
Mel K welcomes back Matt Ehret... a five-star deep dive!
Jackson Hinkle's The Dive podcast on geopolitics... have a look!
Filmmaker John Paul Rice rejoins Mel K for his experiences and insightful introspection... interesting.
The Brunson Brothers and their case against the globalist Establishment... interesting.
Introducing journalist Darren J. Beattie ( on the Mel K show... hmmm.
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #302: Uncancellable
Introducing Dr. Burzynski and the cancer cure cover-up full documentary... five-star!
Introducing Ken Rohla and his website... suggestion by Dan DeLanghe.

Introducing Don Tolman and his website... alternative health and healing.
Introducing Emily "PQ" on the QFS (Quantum Financial System) with Charlie Ward... informative.  Followed by a few links about the QFS, the Federal Reserve and cryptocurrencies.
If you missed these two reading workshops on Lyndon LaRouche's Economics: At the End of a Delusion, then check out the links below.
Two parts in this TruthStream podcast with Joe and Scott and special guest Kevin... quite a raw story.

A few channel links below for you to choose from and use your discernment!

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