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AEA Newsletter - 1/19/2023
The AEA is hosting a free online class on January 28th, 2023 at 11:00 AM (PT) as an introduction to An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe.  Over six to eight weeks we will have an adventure in consciousness and share simple tools for personal growth and self-discovery.  If you are interested in participating, then contact Brandi or me for the zoom invitation.
Matt Ehret has completed Volume 4 of the Clash of the Two Americas series... an invaluable ongoing expose on history and geopolitics.
A short lecture by Matt Ehret and the Canadian Patriot... enjoy!
Excerpt from Cynthia Chung's new book The Empire on which the Black Sun Never Set... enjoy the read!
A past lecture on Martin Luther King, Jr. by Matt Ehret... enjoy!
Jason Bermas weighs in on Martin Luther King, Jr....
A short clip from Jackson Hinkle and The Dive show... hmmm.
The Flyover Conservatives with another deep dive with Mel K... excellent analysis!
Jason Bermas on Davos 2023 and special guest Todd McGreevy... worth a watch!
Introducing the Conscious Resistance Network with a roundtable hosted by Derrick Broze with Jason Bermas, Ryan Cristian (Last American Vagabond), Whitney Webb (Unlimited Hangout), and James Corbett (Corbett Report).

Journalist Aaron Mate fills in for Jimmy Dore in this short presentation with guest Kash Patel... on the Jimmy Dore show?  Times they are a changing... hmmm.
Sacha Stone and his ARISE! Guerrilla News podcasts... AGN 26.
Jack Maxey joins Michael Jaco on his Unleashing Intuition Secrets podcasts... interesting.
Michael Jaco with Lewis Herms for his updates on Truth Tour 3... and they both share some interesting stories!
Michael Jaco with Kevin Hoyt and SG Anon share insights and intel... interesting.
Jimmy Dore rips on Sam Harris and then on Jon Stewart in the two clips below... 
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 303: Timeline of Tyranny
SPECIAL NOTE:  For a limited time, you can watch The Real Anthony Fauci film in four parts for free!  Check out link below...
Another week of the Great Game with Rogue News VGuerrilla and CJ with guest Matt Ehret... interesting.
In these next three links, Cynthia Chung does a deep dive on the history of Iran to present day... enjoy reading and learning!

The Rising Tide Foundation reading workshop continues with Matt Ehret... Lyndon LaRouche's Economics: At the End of a Delusion (2002).
Introducing the Space Commune platform interview with Matt Ehret... excellent!
Interesting documentary from the Space Commune channel... challenging the climate change narrative and destabilization.
Jimmy Dore interviews journalist Chris Hedges... calling out the Left and Right equally in this one. I wonder what the "revolution" looks like to Jimmy and Chris?
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