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AEA Newsletter - 1/27/2023
The AEA is hosting a free online class on January 28th, 2023 at 11:00 AM (PT) as an introduction to An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe.  Over six to eight weeks we will have an adventure in consciousness and share simple tools for personal growth and self-discovery.  The zoom invitation is below for those who would like to attend.
Topic: AEA online class
Time: Jan 28, 2023 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 420 389 5169
A Jason Bermas inspirational rant and more... enjoy!
Introducing the World Stage show with Bruce DeTorres on TNT radio... first show with several special guests. 
An interview with Matt Ehret that is worth a watch!  Followed by a recent essay...
An article by Ellen Brown that is worth reading!
Tom Luongo joins Mel K to share some stimulating insights on the economy... enjoy!
Jim Willie is back on Ninos TV sharing his insights and intel... interesting.
Patrick Byrne joins Mel K sharing his insights and perspectives... check it out!
Ole Dammegard shares his insights on Ninos TV for the first time... worth a listen!
A short video by Mikki Willis... enjoy!
Del Bigtree and the HighWire... Episode 304:  Never Again
Scott McKay welcomes SG Anon (in person) to share perspectives for the months ahead... hmmm.

Jason Bermas does a deep dive on Epstein and Maxwell... excellent!
Cathy O'Brien joins the TruthStream with Joe and Scott and Kevin Hoyt... enjoy!
Introducing Laura Worley with Joe and Scott from TruthStream... interesting.
The Sheriff Mack Show with special guest Tina Peters... worth a watch!
Lewis Herms and his Truth Tour 3 presentations... check it out!
I noticed some interesting Alpha Warrior shows... you choose!

Two lectures below by Dr. Quan Le that may interest you sponsored by the Rising Ride Foundation... enjoy!

I had the pleasure to spend several days visiting with VCJ and how he loves his music...  especially a selection of favorite CD's, the jazz channel and his oldies but goodies.

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