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AEA Newsletter - 2/02/2023
The AEA is hosting a free online class on February 4th, 2023 at 11:00 AM (PT) as an introduction to An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe. Over six to eight weeks we will have an adventure in consciousness and share simple tools for personal growth and self-discovery.  If you would like to attend, then click on the link below...
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Brandi and I had the pleasure to be on the Zo Williams radio show on Wednesday night... check out the links below and enjoy the show!
A second interview with Matt Ehret on the Making Sense podcast hosted by Sara Haboubi... enjoy!
A five-star documentary that I found several years ago... check it out!
The Worldstage radio show with Bruce deTorres... interesting guests!
Matt Ehret joins the Civil Duty podcast hosted by Daniel Sorluca... enjoy the deep dive!
A recent essay by Matt Ehret that is worth reading!
Five-star lecture by Cynthia Chung... you can watch or read the transcript!
The Great Game with VGuerrilla, CJ and Matt Ehret... geopolitics and more!
Historian and author Robert Ingraham posting at the LaRouchePAC... excellent reading material.  Followed by a YouTube interview with Robert Ingraham speaking on the American Principle of National Sovereignty.
I noticed that Robert Ingraham did a 9-part history series on George Washington... below is part 9 and the other parts can be found on the LaRouchePAC videos channel.
An article by investigative journalist Caitlin Johnstone... worth a read!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 305: Gain of Dysfunction
Jason Bermas with another deep dive!  Excellent research and insights!
Mel K lets it rip at the Nashville event... enjoy!
Introducing Brian Coffey with Michael Jaco on Unleashing Intuition Secrets... worth a listen!
Kevin Hoyt joins Michael Jaco to share more insights and intel... enjoy!
Jessie Czebotar is back with her insights and intel on the occult with Ninos TV... hmmm.
Introducing fashion designer Gianni Salvatore sharing his experiences with Nicholas Veniamin... interesting.
Over 50 chapters to read online for free or buy the five-volume set on Amazon... this is a deep dive!
A deep dive documentary on the border crisis and black-market activities...
Introducing journalist Hermela Aregawi on the Jimmy Dore show... interesting!
The TruthStream podcast with Joe and Scott... interesting guests.
Cynthia Chung leads off another RTF symposium for 2023... have a listen!
The reading workshop on Lyndon LaRouche's essay Economics: At the End of a Delusion... check it out!
A classic album that you may enjoy at your leisure!
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