Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 2/10/2023
The AEA will be hosting a free online class on Saturday, February 18th, at 10:00 AM (PT). The focus of this class is a supplement to our book An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe offering insights and tools for exploring the mansion within!
We will be in Nevada City this weekend for two music tribute shows for our brother Saul Rayo... check the links at the end of this newsletter for a few of his songs!
Cynthia Chung returns to the Mel K Show sharing her insights and perspectives... enjoy!
Introducing farmer/attorney/author John Klar on the Mel K Show... five-star!
Cathy O'Brien joins Kevin Hoyt and Michael Jaco on his Unleashing Intuition Secrets podcast... enjoy Cathy's insights and delightful inspiration!
Cathy O'Brien's website... check out her books!
Charlie Robinson and A Union of the Unwanted joins Jason Bermas with several special guests including Mel K... five-star roundtable podcast!
SG Anon sharing his insights and perspectives on the TruthStream... hmmmm.
The Great Game with VGuerrilla and Matt Ehret... geopolitical insights!
Alex Krainer joins Mel K for more insights and geopolitical updates...
Introducing author Jay Dyer on the Mel K Show... excellent analysis! 
An article by Matt Ehret with a short video as well... enjoy!
Introducing John Helmer and Matt Ehret with Michael Werbowski... geopolitics and more!
Introducing author and financial expert Michael Wilkerson on the Mel K show... interesting.
Author Jack Cashill is back in 2023 on the Mel K Show... enjoy!
Jimmy Dore defends his stance against an NBC hit piece... bring it!
Jimmy Dore on the Russell Brand show.... say it, Jimmy!
Jackson Hinkle will join Jimmy Dore and others at the February 19th event in Washington D.C....
Introducing Brooklyn born Lucendo Lopez on Ninos TV sharing his experiences and insights... worth a listen!
Three links from Project Veritas that Brandi found related to education and globalist agendas... check it out!
A powerful documentary on child trafficking with Craig Sawyer... followed by the website for his organization Veterans 4 Child Rescue.
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #307:
Karin Burkhead joins Charlie Ward for a worthwhile deep dive...
Brandi and I recently invested in a TeraHertz Frequency device... check it out!
A few more links below from the Rising Tide Foundation... enjoy at your leisure!
The final episode of this reading workshop series...
In honor of our brother Saul Rayo... rock steady and keep shining your Light and Love down on us!
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