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AEA Newsletter - 3/16/2023
The AEA will be hosting a free online class this Saturday... if you are interested in participating then join us at the link below.
Topic: AEA class #4
Time: Mar 18, 2023 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 420 389 5169
Last week's class:
Below is a link to a wide variety of online people and resources that may perk your interest...
We just met Dr. Zach Bush and Melissa Floyd at the Freedom Crusade event in Huntington Beach, CA hosted by Dr. Billy DeMoss. Fun event!
The TruthStream with special guest Michael Jaco.... with Joe and Scott!
A free online conference sponsored by Corey's Digs... if you're so inclined to check it out!
Here is an interesting website I recently came across on My Patriots Network...
The Flyover Conservatives welcome back Mel K for another deep dive... hmmm.
Hollywood4Freedom on the TruthStream podcast with Joe and Scott... as a screenwriter this is refreshing to see!
An excerpt from Cynthia Chung's new book The Empire on Which the Black Sun Never Set... enjoy reading and learning!
Two essays from Matt Ehret's substack channel... enjoy the reads!
An essay by poet David Gosselin that is worth a read!
Mel K welcomes back economic and geopolitical analyst Alex Krainer... excellent perspectives!
Introducing investigative journalist Paul Serran on the Mel K show... enjoy!
Special guest Tom Luongo with VGuerrilla on Rogue News... check it out!
The Rogue News Rumble channel... economics and geopolitics!
Jackson Hinkle and The Dive podcast... geopolitics and more!
Jimmy Dore's channel... take your pick!
Jason Bermas Rumble channel.... have a look!
Dennis Kucinich's substack channel... a few good reads.
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #311: Dark Secrets
Trine Day publisher Kris Millegan with a panel of interesting insiders... have a watch!
Cathy O'Brien's website... check out her books!
I found this Rumble channel recently... several doc films to watch!
Joaquim Hagopian's five-volume book set... read it online for free below!
Kevin Hoyt's Rumble channel... check it out!
The TruthStream Rumble channel... a variety of topics!
An ongoing reading workshop sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... you can find all the links on their YouTube channel.
This lecture is part of the RTF's current symposium on the Role of Art in Shaping a Sovereign Citizenry... followed by a link to their website with all past symposiums.
A few tunes to inspire creativity and to shake it up... enjoy!
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