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AEA Newsletter - 01/13/2022
We are testing the AEA newsletter and will be sending them to you via the website this week.  Check all your folders (junk, spam, etc.) just in case it gets lost in this new email format.
Cathy O'Brien is back with Mel K... always revealing and highly informative.
Matt Ehret and VGuerrilla on this week's "Great Game" podcast... excellent!
A geopolitical essay that shows there are practical solutions to energy issues moving into the near future... the US needs to flush the deep state infiltrators from our country and reclaim the constitutional Republic that we are founded upon.  We need leaders who are truly about promoting peace and prosperity rather than their new world order dystopian future.
A roundtable with Charlie, Simon and Mel K... revealing intel on state of affairs.
David Icke in a solo presentation on the absurdity and insanity of the plandemic... dumb down the masses to a juvenile level, keep them ignorant and reactive, dividing and separating in order to control and conquer.  Take a deep breath, have a chuckle or two, and use the seven evolutions of love to counteract the fear porn.
Amazing Polly attempting to make sense of the mass hysteria and psychosis permeating the minds of the "sheeple"... I remember Swifteer counterbalancing the fear of AIDS with this... the autonomous individual determination to be Soul.  
Nino brings Mel K back on his show and for good reason... she does her research and can speak on it fluently... check it out.
An insightful and personal interview with Matthew Ehret... give it a listen.
Introducing Daniel Schmachtenberger on the Aubrey Marcus podcast... insightful and worth a listen.
I sent parts 1-3 two weeks ago... here is parts 4-5 by investigative journalist Corey Lynn... five-star research.
A roundtable with three Alpha males to remind people to take a stance, drop the face diaper, and reclaim the sovereignty of one's soul.  During this conversation, Scott receives a phone call that Cirsten W died in a hospital in California.
Here is a rumble link to what Sacha Stone has been up to with the Lazarus Initiative and his new Guerrilla News Network... check it out.
David Icke interview with Rob Moore from The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast (
Mike L offers his insights and research with Mel K... give it a listen.
Kim Elia lecture on the plandemic and "making sense of the madness"... sponsored by the Canadian Patriot Review.
Del Bigtree and the Highwire Episode #250..."Game, Set, Match"
Brandon and Julia turned us on to this rapper... hardcore activism.
A song that Fergus enjoys and shared with Brandi...

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