Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 01/27/2022

Enjoy the links this week and if this is your first AEA newsletter... welcome to the alliance!
Aubrey Marcus has an enlightening conversation with Dr. Zach Bush... five-star!  Two old souls commenting on the young soul culture and sharing a vision for a much better future.
Dr. David Martin exposing the plandemic... worth a listen!
Del Bigtree with clips from Washington, D.C. and the Highwire Episode #252... Making History!
Kevin Jenkins joins Mel K for an informative and inspiring conversation... five-star!  Brandi and I met Kevin on the ARISE USA tour last summer and he is for real.
The Iowa Momma Bears back on the Mel K show... the younger generations are the future.
And another one from the Mel K Show with Josh at the RedPill Project... keep an open mind, yet be discerning and use your intuitive knowing.
Simon Parkes with his monthly updates...
Gareth Icke brings Sean Stone onto his "Right Now" show...
Michelle Fielding returns for another presentation on Nick TV... insightful channelings.
Matt Ehret interview on One Radio Network... illuminating historical insights.
An essay by Anton Chaitkin posted by Matt Ehret... remembering past leaders in order to circumvent war mongers and recreate a better future forward.
A short essay by Matt Ehret that sums up the geopolitical landscape... worth reading.
Five-star essay by Matt Ehret... give it a read.
Fascinating essay by Cynthia Chung if you like the classics... or as an introduction to the classics.
Scott McKay, Michael Jaco and Nino Rodriguez come together for another roundtable on present state of affairs... it is interesting listening to old souls attempting to make sense of this young soul culture and the charades going on in public and behind-the-scenes.
Lewis Hermes and Michael Jaco share perspectives... recognizing controlled opposition and keeping it positive and in the Light.
Michael Jaco brings Nick Alvear onto his show "Intuition Secrets"... check it out.
Charlie Ward and Ann Vandersteel share intel... and a few personal stories.
Two-part documentary series by Janet Ossebaard... "Cabal-19"
This is part of a twelve-part series... Dr. Patrick Gentempo ("Answer to Cancer" ten-part series) hosts these two interviews.  Other parts of this series can be found on this bitchute channel.
Jared James with a solid essay and several links for further study... give it a look.
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