Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 08/20/2021
An essay I wrote last year during the election fiasco that supports the conversation below with Mel, Cathy and John... Enjoy!
Pryme Minister interviews Cathy O'Brien... five-star!
Mel K brings Cathy O'Brien and John Paul Rice to share some perspectives on mind control versus going within... be the president of your mansion!
This was a good one... they each had interesting things to add to the conversation.
Interesting interview with Monkey Werx... different kind of intel.
Jim Willie ( makes an appearance with Scott McKay for a lively conversation... Jim always drops a few bombs. 
Short video with creative cartoon drawings... simple and informative.
Last week with Del Bigtree and the Highwire...
Interesting breakdown on mind control... two parts.
An informative and thoughtful essay by Cynthia Chung...
The Geostrategic Hour... drug trafficking and connecting geopolitical dots.
Here are a few to keep the music alive in your heart...

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