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AEA Newsletter - 02/10/2022
Enjoy the links this week and share with others!  A soul tide is rising... stay the course!
This is what a million people taking to the streets looks like in Brussels, Belgium (population of the entire country is 11 million)...
Short video as Matt Ehret shows up in Ottawa, Canada to experience the trucker's rally...
Chris Sky speaks to the people in Ottawa, Canada... five-star!
David Icke dismantles the false narratives speaking truth to freedom and individual liberties... Canadian truckers lead the way "we're not gonna take it anymore!"
Amazing Polly puts the focus on Ottawa and political pushback by deep state players...
Jordan Peterson has a conversation with Dr. Joan Ponesse in regards to the trucker's convoy in Ottawa, Canada... highly interesting!
Here is Dr. Julie Ponesse speaking to a group in Ottawa, Canada... five-star!
Ann Vandersteel cheers on the Canadian truckers in this SteelTruth presentation... check it out!  Support Sheriff Mack and the CSPOA by joining the posse... it is a worthy cause.
Stew Peters weighs in on the Canadian trucker movement... have a listen.
Introducing Rocco Moon with Dr. Sharnael and Laura Eisenhower... three old souls exploring consciousness and finding common ground while living in a young soul culture.
Investigative journalist Benjamin Fulford is back on with Mel K... geopolitical updates and shining light on nefarious globalist agendas.
Here is Benjamin Fulford's website... geopolitical analysis that compliments others in this field.
Matt Ehret is back with VGuerrilla with convoy update and "Clash of the Two Americas"...
Matt Ehret exposes the fraud and lies of the green global reset... give it a read.
Matt Ehret shines light on Zionism and the "Jewish conspiracy"... have a look.
Roseanne Barr shares her story and perspectives on the Mel K show... worth a listen.
This story with Meghan Walsh and her father John Walsh and his connections goes much deeper than I realized... this will be an eye-opener for many of you... have a listen.
The Highwire with Del Bigtree... Episode 254: America Rising... with a soul tide on the rise!
Nuremberg 2.0 opening statements... this is huge!
Ann Vandersteel back with Charlie Ward sharing updates... positive and uplifting.
Constitutional attorney Rick Martin's website... check it out.
Nicole Pearson is a civil rights attorney in Orange County, CA... here is her website.  I saw an interview with her on Ninos Corner (
Cynthia Chung explores the history of the Middle East... give this a read.
Another essay by Matt Ehret exploring Iran's cooperation with China and Russia... enemies of the global deep state are not necessarily the enemies of humanity. People need to expand their knowledge base and realize that the US has been used and abused by this international cabal and their globalization policies. We the people have been sorely misrepresented... follow the money... see who these cabal players are and what they represent... basically, a new world order and this is part of their endgame. Let us put an end to their game once and for all!
The Rebellions of 1837: Canada’s First and Last Revolt In this lecture, historian Pascal Chevrier discusses the failure of Canada’s first and only rebellion against the British Empire as part of the Rising Tide Foundation series “Towards a Harmony of Interests: Inquiries into the True Nature of the American System”
Here is Sacha Stone's new rumble channel for Guerrilla News Network (GNN)...
The following two links are a two-part interview with a military insider... if you like part 1, then watch part 2.
If you've never seen this documentary, then it's worth a watch... check it out.
Last week I posted a lecture by Martin Sieff... here is the second part of his presentation that I participated in through a zoom invite from the Rising Tide Foundation.
A few tunes to lighten your day... enjoy!

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