Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 02/17/2022
Brandi updated the AEA shop... check it out!
Excellent interview with David Icke... introducing the hosts Coach JV and Ken Mack (Financial Freedom Show podcasts).
Aubrey Marcus welcomes back Dr. Zach Bush and Charles Eisenstein... heartfelt and stimulating conversation.
Introducing John Lieurance ( with Michael Jaco... check it out!
Leigh Dundas with Charlie Ward and Mel K... offering updates on US trucker convoy!
Another deep dive with Mel K and Nino... have a listen.
Scott McKay brings Sheriff Mack on The Tipping Point show... interview starts at 30 minutes into presentation.  Second interview with Jason Shakura at 102 minutes.
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 255: The Mighty Mighty Brave Ones.
Two interviews below on the Mel K Show... first one is Dr. Bryan Ardis and the second one is whistleblower Karen Kingston.
Extensive interview with Dr. Peter McCollough by Joe Rogan... followed by his interview with Dr. Robert Malone.
Matt Ehret offers historical insights for the Coronavirus Investigative Committee Expert Testimonies... have a listen.
Two essays by Matt Ehret... give them a read!
Excellent essay by Cynthia Chung... published at the Strategic Culture.
Lecture presentation by Cynthia Chung and the Rising Tide Foundation...
Excellent episode of The Great Game with Matt Ehret and V... give it a listen.
Two parts of an essay by Matt Ehret on Canada's 1st War Measures Act of 1970... two links below.  He speaks on this in the video above.
Charlie Ward welcomes Amelia Love, Young Pharaoh and Bryan Roy... interesting roundtable.
Charlie Ward and Michael Jaco share intel... check it out.
Introducing Ashleigh James on Nick TV... exposing ritual satanic abuse.
Interesting link that I found on My Patriots Network... have a listen.
Introducing music producer E. Smitty talking cryptocurrencies and XRP on Nick TV... excellent overview.
A Pleaidian message from Barbara Marciniak... from the original Bringers of the Dawn.

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