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AEA Newsletter - 012/10/2021
A note to all AEA newsletter subscribers, friends and family:
My intention behind sending a variety of links on a weekly basis is for educational awareness and to encourage people to read, study, listen and research areas that interest you.  When I visit or sit with others, I tend to focus on the mansion within and other metaphysical streams of knowledge.  However, over the past 35 years of this life, I have also explored "rabbit holes" that include various subjects often within a historical context.  There are perspectives on history offered through a wide range of authors, investigative journalists and researchers that can illuminate our present state of affairs by examining past events and key players.  The future is what we both individually and collectively choose to create.  Instead of the old normal or a new normal... let us recreate the natural! 
This week I was inspired to share the following essay I wrote over a year ago on the "conscious use of tobacco"... Enjoy!
Interview with Sean Stone on Dave's X22 Report "spotlight"... five-star!
Interview with Kelly Galindo about her new documentary film "26 Seconds"... check this out!
Amazing Polly strikes at the jugular of the globalist agendas and bogus narratives... there is no good reason to bow down to a "new normal"... do we continue to placate a dysfunctional young soul culture or can we exemplify and show people a better way?
Insider interview with John Guandolo on Scott McKay's "Tipping Point" show...
David Icke interview as part of the True Healing Conference.... Dr. Cowan and Dr. Kaufman chime in toward the end... five-star!
David Icke speaks on the "new variant" now being pushed by MSM... feisty as ever in this presentation.
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... including an interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Interview with Charlene Bollinger introducing "Conversations with Adrian" podcast from Australia... on "The Truth About Vaccines" and very informative. 
Introducing The Freedom Organization from Canada...
Dr. Simone Gold speaking at a Freedom Rally in Los Angeles...
Mel K brings Michael L on for their bi-monthly updates...
Insightful channelings from Michelle Fielding (UK) on Nick TV... have a listen and be your own clear and open channel as well.
If you enjoy Mel K's research, then here is one where she covers the bases... both Mel K and Matt Ehret (below) see through the "mirage" of geopolitics calling out the globalist agendas each in their own way.  
Matt Ehret sharing insights this week with CJ from Rogue News...
Extensive interview with Matt Ehret... Five-star!
African geopolitics with Matt Ehret... first link is his essay and the second link is an interview on this topic (that I sent two weeks ago as well).
Two presentations below by Cynthia Chung with written transcripts... the second one analyzes both Athens and Rome with quotes from Plato and Shakespeare.
Two short essays by Matt Ehret that are worth reading...
A history lecture on Winston Churchill by Martin Sieff... lengthy but informative.
Sean Stone mentioned thorium as an alternative and safe nuclear energy source in the interview at the top... here is a documentary I watched several years ago that explores this thoroughly.
Just for a bit of fun...
And a bit more fun... Brandi sent me this link to share.
Introducing the Aubrey Marcus podcast... positive and uplifting... give this a listen.

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