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AEA Newsletter - 01/06/2022
There are a variety of links this week and may I point to one in particular... the last link at the bottom of the page is a documentary film released in 2019 on the construction of the Great Pyramid... this is a extraordinary experience that will stimulate your mind!  Check it out at your leisure.
This first link came my way from our brother Carl... he enjoys the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts and found someone who is reading through all the Seth books and sharing it online with others... cool giveaway!  Give it a listen.
Del Bigtree strikes at the jugular with this week's Highwire Episode #249...
Mel K brings back Dr. Bryan Ardis... another good one!  Take a strong stance on these bogus mask mandates as they are unhealthy and well explained by Dr. Ardis in this video.
Excellent interview with Dr. David Martin... give this a listen.
Scott McKay interviews Mel K (starts 11 minutes into video)... five-star!
Matt Ehret offers historical analysis on the origins of this "green new deal"... five-star!
A presentation by Cynthia Chung with German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich... historical knowledge combined with practical solutions toward a sustainable future.
Indepth presentation by Amazing Polly... excellent research.
Here is one with Juan O'Savin and Delora O'Brien that I watch on NinosTV, but this was available on his YouTube channel... worth a watch.
Michael Jaco offers this presentation recording from Hollywood Hills, CA where he traveled to speak at an event... worth a listen and ends on a positive note.
Introduction to filmmaker John Paul Rice on Nino's TV... John's story is deep, but in this short interview he speaks mostly on "art" and his new film "Game Day."
Ross Clark from interviewing David Icke... worth a listen.
Scott McKay interviews author Brad Olsen... inspirational and worth a listen.
Nino brings Clif High back on for another interview... interesting perspectives.
Here is one of Clif High's presentations that is relevant to our present times...
Matt Ehret and VGuerrilla back in 2022 with the "Great Game" podcast... five-star geopolitical analysis.
The first lecture in a new symposium sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... introduced by Matt Ehret.
This one was recommended toward the end of the lecture above... fascinating deep dive on the construction of the Great Pyramid... five-star!
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