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AEA Newsletter - 10/28/2021
This documentary film was excellent... connecting the multi-national corporate dots and their investment money trails among other areas of interest.
David Icke shares his perspectives on global control and the financial system...
Mel K interviews investigative journalist Ben Fulford ( living in Japan... always interesting with him on the zoom.
David Mahoney interviews Mel K... covering the bases.
A rousing speech by Jim Caviezel at the Patritot Double Down in Las Vegas... some may wonder who is Juan O'Savin and at the end of this speech he is onstage to the right... there are videos out there of his speech.
Amazing Polly explores new world order machinations... five-star!
Two short video clips with Sheriff Mack...
A short interview and introduction with Joe Rosati on many people are experiencing something similar to Joe and his extended family.
Many people like Dr. David Martin intelligence and research... here he is with Dr. Joseph Mercola... worth a listen!
Del Bigtree is on fire this week with the Highwire... Episode #239: Seeking Justice.
Michael Jaco interviews Lewis Herms... down-to-earth and inspirational.
Michael Jaco interviews his musician son, Michelangelo... insightful in regards to music icons, drugs and the CIA...
One here as a financial tip for those interested...
Charlie Ward and Mel K with their Monday jam together... Mel is on fire!
Nick interviews Scott McKay on the road in Boston... use your own discernment.
Another perspective on the geopolitical games at play... with interesting historical insights from the time period 1890-1920... five-star!
Matthew Ehret was able to get this article published in The Washington Times (10/21/2021)... hmmm.
Indepth essay by Matthew Ehret...
Interesting lecture by Jonathan Tennebaum... posted for the lovers of scientific discovery and inquiry... as well as the link below this one.
One of my favorite Bob Dylan songs... have you heard of it?
I found this one in the "youtube archives" of our brother Saul Rayo from his Bob Dylan revival show... from 2010.
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