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AEA Newsletter - 04/20/2021
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Introduction to the ARISE USA national tour...
Polly examines of psychology of the psychopath...
Interesting discussion between Matt and David...
Mel K finds another interesting person... Check out author Chad Stewart... five-star!


My friend Jerry in Michigan sent me this link... interesting.

This is a two-hour interview broken up in three parts... this is part one and it will blow your mind if you can handle it.
Two video links for David Icke.. in the first one, he goes into pedophilia and the British royal society about half way through... the second one is Icke unleashing on the NWO. 

Here is an interview for those dealing with the dis-ease of cancer or know someone who is experiencing such a healing crisis... discussion on the vaccines too.

RDS interviews Michael Jaco... worth watching.
An essay on the total reset... well written by Martin.

A lively spiritual discussion with these three... worth a watch.

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