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AEA Newsletter - 02/24/2022
A note for all AEA newsletter subscribers... Brandi updated the archives for past newsletters (if you are a new subscriber) and the link is below.
On another note, the AEA is in the planning stages for an "Instantaneous Intelligence" three-day workshop for the month of April, 2022.  Location is in Long Beach.  We are looking for 6-8 individuals to attend over three weekends (TBD)... three Saturdays is ideal.  The cost of the workshop is $600 and taught by Court's wife, Carol Mudgett.  We need a minimum of six participants to cover the costs of the workshop.  Contact either Brandi or myself if you're interested in attending.
Matt Ehret is interviewed by Mel K... five-star!  This interview shows more solidarity within the sovereignty movement worldwide and the sharing of knowledge across channels.
Excellent essay by Cynthia Chung... give it a read.
A link below to the Rising Tide Foundation home page... for current posts.
Matt, V and CJ back with another week of "The Great Game" podcast... excellent!
This short interview with Frontline Trucker Kip Coltrin compliments the video above... on the Mel K Show and worth a listen.
Geopolitical roundtable... give it a listen.
Some of us joined Matt Ehret for a Sunday afternoon presentation... insightful and informative.
Matt Ehret offers insights on current events with historical knowledge to back it up... on Tim Kelly's podcast "Our Interesting Times"... five-star!
Chris Sky as active and vocal as ever... stay the course!
Scott McKay has Leigh Dundas on for updates on the trucker's movement... see second link for US convoy.
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #256: The World Health Order.

Introducing independent journalist Jason Bermas on the Mel K show... check it out.
Joe Rogan brings someone on who can school him on globalist agendas... Maajid Nawaz shares his personal story and perspectives... give this a listen and use discernment toward the end.
Short clip introducing Maria Zack in an interview with Sean Stone...
Jason Shurka with Charlie Ward... sharing inspiration and insights.
Nino posted part 9 with "The Ghost" on his bitchute channel... the other eight parts are on his Ninos Corner TV.
An X22 Report with Patel Patriot... food for thought.
Introducing Bobby Piton who is running for the US Senate in Illinois... on the Mel K Show... worth a listen!
Ann Vandersteel joins Charlie Ward sharing intel and updates... worth a watch.
Interesting chat with David Mahoney on Nick TV... enjoy!
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