Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 03/03/2022
Several links for everyone to enjoy and to learn from this week... the link below is a page from the AEA website.
Introducing author and journalist Jack Cashill on the Mel K Show... check it out!
Two essays below (Part 6 and Part 7 in a nine-part series) by investigative journalist Corey Lynn... essential reading!
A recent presentation by Amazing Polly... connecting the dots.
Interview with Vermont activist Kevin Hoyt with Michael Jaco... five-star!
Another one with Kevin Hoyt on MahoneyTV... offers an introduction to Kevin's background and includes Nick Sylvester with a recap list that is worth checking out.
Sheriff Mack with CSPOA CA state director Jack Frost talk about the upcoming event in northern CA and the constitution... share with others!
Dr. Cordie Williams on his run for California Senator... stay the course.
Matt Ehret revisits the historical significance of Paul Robeson... this essay is one of Matt's chapters in his book "The Clash of the Two Americas" Volume II.
Matt Ehret in a historical, geopolitical presentation... five-star!
An interview with Cynthia Chung on the Geopolitics and Empire podcast that is worth watching... educate and open your mind.
Two essays below by Cynthia Chung that is worth your time to read... enjoy the study!
Matt Ehret and V for another week of The Great Game... with a focus on Ukraine.
Benjamin Fulford returns on the Mel K Show... interesting updates.  
Short interview with Sean Stone on RT... weighs in on Putin and Russia.
Michelle Fielding returns with more of her channeling... have a listen.
Tom Numbers with guests speak to Juan O'Savin... this one is worth a listen.
This was better than I thought it would be... an in-depth look at the creation and manipulation of "fake news"... confirmation bias vs. cognitive dissonance... the video includes various people and perspectives on this topic.  Five-star!
Introducing Troy Casey... the "certified health nut" (
Del Bigtree's The Highwire... Episode 257 "Who Killed Ivermectin?"
Janet and Cynthia are back with Part 21 of "The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal"... excellent!
If you have not gotten over the "mask psyop," then maybe this will change your mind... share this one with others!
Josh interviews Dr. Kaufman on behind the vaccine agenda... have a listen.
Simone Jennifer Smith welcomes back David Icke for another stimulating conversation... her presence and his knowledge is a nice combination.
For those of you who enjoy Simon Parkes... presentation with questions answered.
Introducing Elizabeth April with Charlie Ward... keeping it on the positive!
Introducing filmmakers Matt and Joy Thayer ( on the Mel K Show...
Tulsi Gabbard speaks in Florida at CPAC 2022... she is offering strong, patriotic words... is she for real or not?  Make up your own mind and use discernment.
I found a place online that allows you to watch Oliver Stone's "The Untold History of the United States" (10 parts) and I encourage you to watch part 2 on Roosevelt, Truman and Wallace... Matt Ehret speaks and writes extensively on FDR and Wallace.
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