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AEA Newsletter - 03/10/2022
Enjoy the presentation below with our sister Cindy from Tyler, Texas sharing herbal knowledge of Irish Sea Moss and more!  And subscribe to our AEA bitchute channel!
Cathy O'Brien is back with Mel K... talking about her new documentary film "TRANCE."
Scott McKay welcomes Cathy O'Brien for an eye-opening and enlightening experience...
Roundtable with Mel K, Michael Jaco and Scott McKay... five-star!
Introducing Justin Andersch on NinosTV... the guy who confronts Nevada Governor in restaurant... I know many people who feel just like Justin.
Introducing attorney Joey Gilbert (running for Nevada governor) on NinosTV... have a listen.
This video with Juan O'Savin and David Winney on Ninos TV compliments Joey's interview above... so I posted it.
Introducing ex-police chief Shawn Taylor with Michael Jaco... his investigations and research is astounding... two-part interview below.
 Whistleblower Patrick Bergy on NinosTV for the first time... check it out!
Nino brings Wayne Jett back on for his knowledge and perspectives on the state of affairs...
Charlie Ward and Mel K share intel and updates... check it out.
Nick Alvear joins Michael Jaco... ends with a film plug that Nick plans to do with Nino Rodriguez... worth a listen.
Nick Sylvester meets Michael Jaco through Kevin Hoyt... interesting roundtable that pulls no punches... enjoy the deep dive!
Juan O'Savin joins Michael Jaco for a stimulating conversation about state of affairs...
Jeff J. Brown joins Matt and Cynthia sharing historical perspectives on US biowarfare... this was an eye-opener!
Excellent historical essay by Matt Ehret... give it a read.
Two links below by the Rising Tide Foundation introducing Irene Eckert... the first one is a lecture and the second one is an essay... enjoy the study!
Introducing investigative journalist Maryam Henein... on the George Floyd case and other topics... excellent interview.
Del Bigtree and this week's Highwire... Episode #258: The Heart of the Matter... five-star!
Posted by Dr. Michael McDonald... worth a read.
Channelings from Rose... interesting material to read and listen to.
Introducing The Vinny Eastwood Show ( Zealand) and Mark Passio ( with David Icke... excellent conversation.
Putting the Ukraine conflict in historical context from this Oliver Stone 2014 documentary film... five-star!
This video explains the groups explored in Oliver Stone's documentary above... eye-opener on the Ukraine situation.
Delora O'Brien with Nino in an insightful and stimulating conversation... excellent!
Every now and then I post an X22 Report... Enjoy!
This week's links begin with Cathy O'Brien and it is fitting to end with a documentary-like video delving into this sordid subject that needs to be illuminated... this is a deep dive!
You can also do your own deep dive by reading through the 50+ chapters in the link below... it is a cross-reference for the documentary above and much more!
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