Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 03/17/2022
AEA Ministries is hosting an Instantaneous Intelligence workshop in Long Beach, CA (April, 16, 23, & 30).  If you are interested in attending, contact Brandi or myself... space is limited.
Part 8 and Part 9 of Corey Lynn's investigative research on education... have a read!
Five-star interview with Cynthia Chung on the Mel K Show... check it out!
Matthew Ehret joins Joshua Reid on the Daily Dose Show ( the interview with Matt is five-star!
Introducing Tania Joy Gibson interviewing Simon Parkes... give it a listen.
Introducing Miki Klann on Ninos TV... check this out!
Introducing Frank of if you've never heard of him... on the Mel K Show!
Matt and V attempt to make sense of all the nonsense narratives swirling around the Ukraine... have a listen.
Alex Jones brings Sean Stone on his show... 
Essays by Matt Ehret and his wife Cynthia Chung... have a read.
Excellent overview of US history... have a read!
Matt Ehret returns with The Full English... brilliant historical insights.
Introducing Amala and Will on PragerU podcast... have a listen!
Introducing PragerU Kids podcast... illuminates on the podcast above.
Good 'ole Ted Nugent on Ninos TV... always a hoot!
Del Bigtree's the Highwire... Episode 259 "The Movie That Inspired a Movement"
Del sits down for a one-on-one with the former W.H.O. consultant & research scientist, Tess Lawrie MD, PhD, who was a critical part of the Ivermectin trials over a year ago with overwhelmingly positive conclusions.
Mel K updates Nino with historical references and geopolitical facts... excellent!
A few more essays by Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung to expand your knowledge of history and geopolitics...
Scott McKay and Michael Jaco share perspectives and intel updates... stay the course!

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