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AEA Newsletter - 03/24/2022
A wide variety of links for this first week of Spring... enjoy the study!
Cathy O'Brien and filmmaker Adrienne Youngblood on "Trance" documentary film... five-star!
Excellent article by Joaquim Hagopian on James Fetzer's website... author of "Pedophilia and Empire" (free to read online at
A second interview with Cynthia Chung on the Mel K Show... five-star!
Two essays that compliment one another on Canada's involvement with Ukraine... by Matt Ehret.
Introducing radio host Jesse Zurawell interviewing Matt Ehret... have a listen.
Excellent conversation on mass propaganda with Mel K and Professor Mark Crispin Miller...
Jim Willie is back on Ninos TV with economic perspectives and intel... have a listen and use your own discernment.
Two essays below by Cynthia Chung and Matt Ehret...
Introducing forensic historian Richard Grove and Tony Myers from interviewing Matt Ehret for the first time... excellent podcast!
A reading session on Friedrich Schiller hosted by Matt Ehret and the RTF... interesting discussion... have a listen!
Mel K brings convoy organizer Brian Brase to share updates... holding the line!
Sheriff Mack with Ann Vandersteel and Sam Bushman... worth a listen.
A X22 Report for a few recent updates commenting on state of affairs and mainstream narratives... check it out.
Activist roundtable hosted by Scott McKay... have a listen.
Activism in California shared in the link below... includes a link to Reinette Senum ( running for CA governor.
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 260: Winners, Sinners and the Death of a Generation.
Dr. Andrew Kaufman's new film "Terrain"... check this out!
Excellent research sources in the link below... have a look.
Sean Stone and his 10 Sacred Keys of Life... worthwhile presentation!
Two links below by Matt Ehret that offers an indepth look into history... the first one is an essay (with links to Part 1 and Part 2) and the second one is a lecture on the topic w/slideshow.
Some music shared by our webmaster Brandon and his wife Julie... Enjoy!
A new music service with official albums, singles, videos, remixes, live performances and more for Android, iOS and desktop. It's all here.
One of my favorite songs from my teenage years... And then a Dylan tune.
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