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AEA Newsletter - 04/07/2022
AEA Ministries will be sponsoring an "Instantaneous Intelligence" 3-day workshop in Long Beach, CA (April 16th, 23rd, 30th)... contact Brandi or myself if you are interested in attending.
This Sunday Del Bigtree and many others will be at the Defeat the Mandates rally in downtown Los Angeles... here is this week's Highwire Episode 262: The Big Push.
Matt Ehret speaks truthfully on history of Khazaria and other topics... excellent!
Matt Ehret and V tough out another weekly episode on Rogue News... geopolitics and why do the globalists want to rewrite the UN Charter?
Mel K does a deep dive with the Flyover Conservatives... check it out!
Sean Stone on the Mel K Show... excellent conversation between these two!
Sean Stone on the X22 Spotlight Report... enjoy!
David Mahoney interview on the AJ Roberts Show... have a listen.
Deep dive roundtable with Michael Jaco, Kevin Hoyt and a special guest... excellent.
A post by Cathy O'Brien on the truth behind Madeline Albright... have a listen or read the transcript.
Nick Veniamin welcomes back Penny LA Shepard for some rock 'n' roll insights... interesting.
Nick Alvear's Pervywood 9 - Vol 1 & 2... The New World Order.
Weekly episodes of the Arise! Guerrilla News with Sacha Stone... here is one from two weeks ago.
Introducing The Dan Bongino Show.... have a listen.
A few updates with Clif High... with some historical tidbits.
Introducing DOD insider Kash Patel on the Mel K Show... interesting revelations.
Two roundtable discussions below worth a listen...
Charlie Ward with Scott McKay and then Ann Vandersteel... two more worth checking out.
Charlie Ward shares the story of his son's car accident death 13 years ago with Nick Alvear... this was a good one!
Charlie Ward with Carly and Julia from Australia... intuitive education for children.
A heartfelt conversation between Aubrey Marcus and Matias De Stefano... check it out.
I was looking for this letter that Albert Einstein wrote to his daughter and found it on the website below...
This last one is a reading lecture series sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... enjoy!
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