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AEA Newsletter - 04/14/2022
A note to all AEA newsletter subscribers... I know that there are several links sent each week and due to time constraints, many people may not have the time for such an in-depth study.  All AEA newsletters are in the archives and can be referenced at your leisure (link below).  
As you may notice, there have been several links with Matt Ehret and his wife Cynthia Chung, who have founded the Rising Tide Foundation, the Canadian Patriot, and each have a substack site.  If you like to learn through reading, then they will inspire you in many directions.  If you would rather listen to lectures or interviews, then listen with an open mind and take notes.  Brandi and I had the pleasure to zoom with Matt earlier today.  We will share the link below and post it on our Bitchute channel.  Matt was sporting a Manifest Essence teeshirt that we sent him!  
Workshop Reminder:  The Instantaneous Intelligence workshop begins this Saturday, April 16th in Long Beach (link just below).
Third interview with Matt Ehret on the Mel K Show... five-star!
Introducing Constitutional Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Mel K Show... highly informative.
Attorney Tom Renz returns on the Mel K Show with legal intel and updates... worth a listen!
Excellent interview with Sheriff Mack on the Arizona Today Show... have a listen.
Excellent geopolitical lecture by Matt Ehret to a small gathering of people... five-star!
You can listen to the radio podcast and/or read Cynthia's four essays on the topic... brilliant!
A few essays below from Matt Ehret and his wife Cynthia Chung... enjoy!
In this presentation delivered to students at Moscow State University and hosted by American University in Moscow President Edward Lozansky, Raymond McGovern, historian Anton Chaitkin and Matt Ehret... check it out.
Introducing Michelle Malkin and Dave Williams on the Mel K Show... identifying the swamp players in politics.
Introducing whistleblower Jack Maxey on Ninos TV... on the Hunter Biden laptop... this was revealing!
This is a first-hand account of Trevor Karney on Nick TV... a Hollywood insider originally from Ireland... eye-opener!
Mel K joins Ann Vandersteel on her Steel Truth Show... this was an eye-opener!
An activist roundtable with Michael Jaco and guests... excellent conversation.
Lewis Herms joins Michael Jaco on his Unleashing Intuitions Show... have a listen.
Introducing David Rodriguez on the World Alternative Media channel... followed by a book mentioned in the interview "The Underground History of American Education" by John T. Gatto.
Del Bigtree showcases the "Defeat the Mandates" rally in Los Angeles that Brandi and Shannon attended... Episode #263: Risking It All... five-star!
Introducing nurse Erin on the Mel K Show... revealing story!
An article by Dr. Mark McDonald... worth a read.
Nick Sylvester and Kevin Hoyt join David Mahoney for an interesting conversation... this is way out there with intergalactic history and theories.
Introducing Jason Noble with David Mahoney on corrupt world wide banking systems...
An interview with Denzyl Washington that was worth a watch...
Introducing Sam Labrier and an indepth lecture sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation...
An excellent lecture by Matt Ehret that I had the pleasure to attend... worth a listen.
A final post this week is an essay by Cynthia Chung referencing Helen Keller's life... excellent!
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