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AEA Newsletter - 04/21/2022
If you missed our interview with Matt Ehret, then have a listen on our Bitchute channel and take a minute to subscribe to our channel!  
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Introducing Leila Centner on Michael Jaco's Unleashing Intuition Secrets... if you are raising or teaching kids, then this is a must see... five-star inspiring interview!
A lecture by Matt Ehret on St. Augustine and his "City of God"...part two of a three part series... five-star!
Cathy O'Brien and David Icke join Mel K for an inspiring conversation... enjoy!
Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies back on the Mel K Show... check out his new website.
Charlie Robinson returns on the Mel K Show for a five-star conversation... enjoy!
Matt Ehret joins VGuerrilla and CJ for another week of the "Great Game"... geopolitical updates and historical insights... five-star!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #264:  Force of Nature
Roundtable with Alpa Soni, Sean Stone and Nick Alvear... enjoy!
Dave with his X22 Report offering perspectives and research updates... keep an open mind.
This documentary appears to be going viral in the alternative streams... have a look.
A roundtable with Nick Sylvester, Kevin Hoyt and Michael Jaco... on the fringe, so use your own discernment.
From across the pond, David Mahoney and Nick Veniamin talk about preparations for the Queen's passing and other intel... have a listen.
Penny LA Shepard returns with Nick V discussing Hollywood Dark Journalists... check it out.
Matt Ehret offers historical analysis on Canada... introducing Christopher James and his "A Warrior Calls" podcast.
Amazing Polly reposts a presentation from November, 2021... from her Rumble channel.
A roundtable with Corey Lynn posted from her website... have a listen.
Introducing Julia Treat on the Charlie Ward Show... enjoy!
The full audiobook "Ask and It is Given: Learning How to Manifest Your Desires" by Esther and Jerry Hicks... worth a listen!
A lecture by Cythina Chung on Alexander Pushkin... have a listen!
What you didn't know about Edgar Allen Poe by Matt Ehret... have a read!
Excellent essay (part 3 of five parts) by Cynthia Chung... have a read!
Recent posts from the Rising Foundation and a few from the archives... enjoy the study!
Matt Ehret in a shorter interview on the history of Khazaria... excellent!
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