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AEA Newsletter - 04/29/2022
Two links to the AEA Ministries website below... may you have a soul-inspired and wonderful weekend!
Matt Ehret joins these two gentlemen for a discussion on current events with historical insights interwoven throughout... excellent analysis.
Cynthia Chung on TNT radio... the Truth of Operation Gladio and Ukraine's Lingering Nazi Problem... have a listen.
Ben Fulford with geopolitical updates on the Mel K Show... always interesting, although his comments on the Khazarian roots of this "enemy" is suspect.
Amazing Polly does a deep dive on Soros and past Soviet collusion... excellent research.
Introducing journalist Tom Luongo on the Mel K Show... have a listen.
An essay by investigative journalist Corey Lynn... have a read!
The Highwire with Del Bigtree - Episode 265: Food Wars
Ann Vandersteel welcomes Mel K on her Steel Truth Show... check it out.
Introducing George Papadopoulos on Ninos TV... and his book "Deep State Target."
An Insider's Club presentation by Charlie Ward that is worth sharing... have a look!
Michael Jaco offers his perspectives on Nick TV... have a listen.
Introducing Celeste Solum in a Mike Adams interview... warnings from a FEMA whistleblower!
Introducing Brian Festa and on the Mel K Show... alarming!
Introducing author Brad Olsen with Michael Jaco... interesting conversation.
Scott McKay interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis in the two links below... enjoy!
Mike L is back on the Mel K Show... check it out!
A short yet revealing video on Elon Musk... Hmmm.
Our friend Rienette Senum is running for CA Governor... check out her election website below.
Introducing Veles (the Dark Raven of the Deep State) with V and CJ on Rogue News... interesting and worth a listen.
Two essays below by Matt Ehret... with a "preview" from his new book, "Clash of the Two Americas: Volume 3."
Parts I and II of a three-part lecture with Matt Ehret... excellent historical research!
A lecture by Martin Sieff sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... excellent!
If you missed this documentary on the building of the Great Pyramid, then here it is again... fascinating!
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