Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 05/06/2022
If you missed this link, then check it out as a new post from the AEA website...
Introducing Kirk Cameron and a trailer for his new documentary... check it out!
A new docuseries by Ty and Charlene Bollinger... Propaganda Exposed!
Matt Ehret joins VGuerrilla and CJ on the Rogue News... on the geopolitical hot points and economic analysis!
Introducing journalist Alex Newman ( on the Mel K Show... excellent topic!
Cathy O'Brien article from her website... worth a read.
Introducing Angela Shermerhorn and Mike Smith on the Mel K Show... worth a listen!
If you missed Mike's documentary "Out of Shadows," then check out the link below!
An interesting conversation with Michelle Fielding and Michael Jaco... have a listen.
David Mahoney and Nick Veniamin have an inspired chat... check it out.
Interesting deep dive in this one with Amazing Polly... connecting the dots.
An update with Cordie Williams running for California Senate... learn about your candidates before casting your vote.
Introducing Karen Kingston on the Mel K Show... five-star interview!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire Episode #266... Geert Vanden Bossche:  "My Final Call"
Sean Morgan invites Matt Ehret for another conversation on geopolitics... excellent analysis!
Matt Ehret reveals current event insights to avoid WWIII in the Russia/Ukraine situation... followed by a link with Cynthia Chung explaining the history in a radio interview.
This is part three in a trilogy of lectures by Matt Ehret and the Rising Tide Foundation... these three lectures were excellent!
Historian Martin Sieff offers insights on Orwell in this lecture... have a listen.
A timeless history lecture series from two years ago... sponsored by the Riding Tide Foundation.
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