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AEA Newsletter - 05/13/2022
For those enjoying these AEA newsletters, you may have noticed the numerous links by Matt Ehret and his wife Cynthia Chung as well as Mel K.  The reason for this is that to comprehend what is occurring presently in our country and world, we need to revisit history with fresh eyes for clarity and higher learning.  We at the AEA are devoted to educating, enlightening and exposing the truth!  Have a wonderful weekend!
The Great Game this week with Matt Ehret and VGuerrilla from Rogue News... illuminates on the two essays by Matt that follow this post... five-star!
An essay Matt Ehret wrote two years ago that is still relevant today... have a read!
Two essays below by Cynthia Chung... excellent reads!
Introducing Sara Haboubi with Matt Ehret in an enlightening interview... have a listen!
Mel K welcomes back Matt Ehret for another simulating conversation on geopolitics and history... excellent analysis!
The Highwire with Del Bigtree and Episode #267... the Real Global Covid Summit.
Five-star interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits on NinosTV... check this out!
Another interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits by Dr. Tom Cowan... her website is below the link.
Dave at the X22 Report interviews Charlene Bollinger... speaking on the 8-part docuseries "Propaganda Exposed."
Here is a link to an 8-part docuseries that might be free to watch for another week... or you can purchase it... final episode below.
An exclusive interview with Mel K on the Flyover Conservatives... on education indoctrination!
Two interviews below by Michael Jaco that are worth checking out... first one is with Kevin Hoyt.
This short video on elite pedophilia is worth a watch... check it out.
If anyone wants to cross-reference the pedophile elites mentioned in the short video above, then go to the link below.
Michael Jaco joins Scott McKay and shares a few stories speaking on a variety of topics as well... interview begins at the 30-minute mark.
Edited clips from Juan O'Savin on Nino's TV... Juan Takes the Hot Seat.
An enlightening roundtable with Nick Alvear, Sean Stone, and Alpa Soni... this was a fun one!
Financial expert Bobby Piton returns on the Mel K Show... unravels the economic quagmire of globalist agendas and recreating a path to prosperity for humanity.
Dinesh D'Souza's documentary film "2000 Mules"... check it out.
After watching the documentary film above, Matt Ehret wrote the essay below... worth a read!
Mel K joins Ann Vandersteel on the Steel Truth Show to share intel... worth a listen.
For California registered voters, here are a few candidate suggestions...
Reinette Senum for Governor...
Rachel Hamm for Secretary of State...
Cordie Williams for California US Senate (full term)...
For US Senate (partial term) another candidate caught my eye... James Bradley... he is also running for the full term seat as well and so is globalist puppet Alex Padilla (who we need to remove immediately).
Jonathon Peck for Sheriff (San Diego county)... vet your Sheriff candidates in your county!
I have posted the links for the three-part lecture series by Matt Ehret... here are all three if you missed them... excellent historical insights!

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