Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 05/20/2022
Welcome to the Alternative Educational Alliance and AEA Ministries... today in the 13-Moon Galactic Calendar (, we begin another "galactic spin" or 260-day cycle beginning with Red Magnetic Dragon #1.
In honor of our soul brother, Saul Rayo, who crossed over earlier this week... sail into the mystic and stay the course, brother! Franc Analysis with Matt Ehret sharing insights and historical knowledge... excellent!
A short article by Cathy O'Brien with a few links... have a read.
Introducing Karin Joy at Maverick Mindset (youtube channel) interviewing Cathy O'Brien... excellent!
Introducing boots on the ground whistleblower Christie Hutecherson ( on the Mel K Show... excellent interview!
Charlene Bollinger joins Mel K for a revealing and stimulating conversation... excellent!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire Episode #268: W.H.O. Is In Charge?
Introducing Lucia Sinatra on the Mel K Show... five-star!
Geopolitical and history discussion with Jim Fetzer and Matt Ehret... five-star!
A geopolitical essay by Matt Ehret first posted on the Strategic Culture Foundation... have a read.
David Mahoney sheds some clarity on Ukraine on Nick TV... excellent video clips.
Transcript of an interview with Matt Ehret... have a read.
An excellent essay by Cynthia Chung... have a read!
A lecture by Alex Krainer sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation...
Introducing Stephen Doyle with a lecture sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation...
Here is Matt Ehret’s most recent episode of the Great Game on Rogue News...
This was an informative interview introducing whistleblower David Straight with Mel Carmine... they cover a variety of topics. 
David Icke dot-connector on the global tyranny and nefarious agendas...
Introducing Dan Butler, Michael Jaco's son-in-law, an enlightening conversation that takes things way out on the fringe... check it out!
A roundtable with Scott McKay, Sacha Stone and Scotty Saks... worth a listen.
Scott McKay welcomes Dr. Cordie Williams supporting his campaign run for CA Senate seat...
Another link for Dinesh D'Souza "2000 Mules" documentary film if you missed it... and followed by an interview with Dinesh on the Charlie Ward Show.
A short clip on the meaning behind "The Wizard of Oz".... interesting.
I found a place to watch Sean Stone's 6-part documentary series "Best Kept Secret" on a Rumble channel below at CarterHeavyIndustries... supported by Robert David Steele.
This 3-hour documentary is from James Red Pills America... it is a bit out there, so use your discernment.
This is an 8-hour roundtable with Nick Alvear, Alpa Soni and special guest Jason Q...
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