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AEA Newsletter - 05/26/2022
Thanks to Brandi's editing and formatting skills, "An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe" is now available on our website at the link below and also on Amazon!   
Go to our BitChute channel and watch Part II on Peace, Progress and Prosperity with Matt Ehret, Brandi, and myself... enjoy!  
Two essays below that expand on the interview we did with Matt posted above...
Matt Ehret is back on the Mel K Show... five-star!
Two essays below by Matt Ehret that are worth reading...

Introducing New York attorney Bobbie Anne Cox fighting against unconstitutional mandates... have a listen.
Aubrey Marcus invites Dr. Zach Bush on for a creative and enlightening interview... have a listen.
Glad to see Dr. Buttar is back in the public promoting another Advanced Medicine Conference this year... interview with Robert Scott Bell... check this out!!
Here is another one with Clay Clark on the Thrive Time Show... excellent!
Amazing Polly connecting the dots and revealing the corruption around a viable cure...
Introducing Greg Paul on Michael Jaco's Intuition Secrets podcast... enjoy!
Mel K is back on with the Flyover Conservatives... updates on W.H.O. globalist agendas.
Del Bigtree and the Highwire Episode #269... "Monkey Business"
David Icke weighs in on the Monkeypox... viruses and wars...this is their new world order.
Amazing Polly reveals the hypocrisy of the "new" Monkeypox "pandemic".... check this out!
The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal - Episode 23... health care worker whistleblowers and more!
Introducing Buck Johnson and his podcast Countercurrents with Matt Ehret... have a listen!
Three essays below that are part of a series by Cynthia Chung... excellent research!

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