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AEA Newsletter - 06/01/2022
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This was a song that Saul wrote that made it to Randy Travis in Nashville... as I remember Saul telling me, "They took the song and fucked it up!"  Below he did a version of it with Elena at Ancient Wave Studios in Nevada City ( to our brother Saul, keep on shining your light to all of us still here on campus Earth!
Matt Ehret joins VGuerrilla and CJ for another week of the "Great Game" podcast... five-star!
Matt returns on Ninos TV to educate and share insights on both past and present... excellent!
Author and journalist Jack Cashill returns to the Mel K Show... excellent analysis!
This recent post by the Rising Tide Foundation includes six presentations to watch at your leisure as you embrace the love of learning... check it out!
A few essays below on geopolitics and history that are worth reading... enjoy!
A lecture and Q & A with Matt Ehret... excellent analysis!
Introducing Liberty Man ( and Paul Wittenberger ( with Matt Ehret... check it out!
Mel K welcomes back Dr. Cordie Williams to cheer on his campaign and share insights on the Establishment of Left/Right politics (two sides of the same coin)... vet your candidates!
Introducing Washington state Sheriff Bob Songer on the Sheriff Mack Show... check it out!
Kevin Hoyt joins Michael Jaco to share intel and updates... have a listen!
Introducing Jovan Hutton Pulitzer on the Mel K Show... have a listen!
Scott McKay welcomes Joey Gilbert and others to rally for the cause of freedom... stay the course!
David Mahoney joins Nick Veniamin for intel and updates on deep state distractions, lies and misinformation... have a listen!
Filmmaker Mikki Willis from the Plandemic series interviews Dr. Mark MacDonald on the "Dangers of Education"... excellent short clip!
Link to Rumble channel below... check it out!
Watch Del Bigtree and the Highwire show this week... Episode 270!
This post includes an introduction by Matt Ehret... part of his weekly reading sessions sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... fascinating and discussion at the end worthwhile!
This was an excellent documentary film that I discovered a few years ago... check it out!
Introducing historian Gerald Therrien with an insightful essay... parts 1 and 2 are linked in the post... have a read!
Introducing Nicholas Jones (President of Artists Alliance for Africa) in this presentation on Friedrich Schiller's "Willian Tell"... have a listen!
Excellent presentation by Cynthia Chung on Shakespeare... part of a past symposium sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation.
Followed by the essay below that is an insightful and well researched piece...
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