Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 06/09/2022
Get your copy of "An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe" at the link below... the AEA appreciates your donations and support!
The Freedom Health Summit can be watched live online for free over the next four days... check it out!
Matt joins V and CJ for another week of the Great Game... keeping a sense of humor through all the nonsense.
Excellent essay by Matt Ehret... have a read!
Introducing historian Anton Chaitkin on the Mel K Show... five-star!
Excellent interview with Matt Ehret by Christopher James... check it out!
Introducing Dr. Jane Ruby on the Mel K Show... excellent!
Attorney Tom Renz returns on the Mel K Show on justice and racism... interesting!
Ann Vandersteel weclomes back Mel K on her Steel Truth Show... enjoy!
Sheriff Mack speaks on the Second Amendment... on The Jeff Dornik Show.
Interesting roundtable on metaphysical and spiritual experiences... excellent!
Charlie Ward's Insiders Club with Leana ( check it out!
Sacha Stone and the Arise Guerrilla News #12 replay... it pauses in places, but be patient as the feed is solid and continues without a hitch.
Amazing Polly exposing virus fairy tales... have a listen! 
Mel K welcomes Dr. Andy Wakefield... a whistleblower on the front lines!
Dr. Buttar connecting a few dots... have a listen!
A link introducing Dr. Joel Wallach on the InfoHealthNews rumble channel... his health products are worth checking out.
Last week's the Highwire Episode 270 and this week's Episode 271:  The Immune Compromise.

A few links below with science-based lectures sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... Enjoy!
Three reading lectures on Max Plank on the link below...
An enlightening essay by Cynthia Chung on Edgar Allen Poe... have a read!

Ry Cooder's new album "Get On Board" with Taj Mahal... check out some videos on his website.
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