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AEA Newsletter - 06/16/2022
As we move toward the summer solstice, pick up a copy of An Old Soul's Guided to the Universe and support our AEA Ministries!  May truth, love and creativity flourish in your life!
A new documentary sponsored by the Canadian Patriot Review...five-star analysis based on one of Matt's essays!
An essay by Matt Ehret on the origin of color revolutions... excellent read with extra links!
Introducing Garland Nixon and his podcast interview with Matt Ehret... stimulating conversation!
Cynthia Chung returns on the Mel K Show for another insightful conversation... excellent anaylsis!
A lecture by Cynthia Chung followed by an essay on H.G. Wells... very interesting!
Two essays below by Cynthia Chung... five-star reads!
Cathy O'Brien joins Mel K for an enlightening conversation... five-star!
Introducing Brent Hamachek on the Mel K Show... excellent interview!
If you scroll down on his website content, there is a Q & A (6/10/22) video worth watching.
A short essay by Pepe Escobar... have a read!
Lewis Hermes joins Michael Jaco sharing insights and intel... check it out!
Charlie Ward's Insider's Club along with David Mahoney... have a listen!
Introducing Cara Castronuova on the Mel K Show... a New York activist on the front lines!
Sacha Stone's ARISE! Guerrilla News Episode 13 replay... check it out!  At around the one hour mark Sacha chops it up with Michael Jaco and Scott McKay!
David Icke speaks about NWO on Australian National Review TV ( have a listen!
David Mahoney joins Nick Veniamin for UK travel updates and other intel... check it out!
Introducing Ireland Clark on David Mahoney TV with Nick Sylvester... inspiring interview!
A personal Q & A with Nino Rodriguez... worth a listen!  
An interview with Penny L.A. Shepard and Dr. Sharnael from a conversation on her MK Ultra experiences... this is a worthwhile deep dive!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 272: Breaking Formation... five-star!
Introducing Professor Mattias Desmet who was interviewed by Del Bigtree in Episode 272 above... his bio is at the link below.
Here is an interview with Professor Mattias Desmet by Maria Zeee from
Two short presentations by Amazing Polly... have a listen!
An article by the Health Ranger Mike Adams... have a read!
A recent interview by Matt Ehret that illuminates on the history of civilization... excellent!
An interview with Matt Ehret over a year ago... I have been watching the Ertugrul series and thought to post this again.
Symposiums sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... excellent study materials.
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