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AEA Newsletter - 06/23/2022
Brandi and I had the pleasure to have another conversation with Matt Ehret as we continue to explore the theme of Peace, Progress and Prosperity... Enjoy!
Supplementary reading on Lincoln to support the interview we had with Matt Ehret above.
Anton Chaitkin's writings on Lincoln... excellent historical reading material.
Matt Ehret joins Ricardo Nuno Costa on conspiracy theories versus facts... have a listen!
Matt Ehret joins VGuerrilla and CJ for another segment of the "Great Game"... excellent!
Benjamin Fulford joins Mel K for geopolitical updates and more... have a listen!
Five-star interview with Cathy O'Brien on Ninos TV... enjoy!
Another interview with Cathy O'Brien on THE SCHISM podcast... audio only!
Polly St. George explores the "great reset" and the machinations behind it... excellent!
Introducing Maureen Steele on the Charlie Ward Show... have a listen!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 273: Sacrificing Science
Introducing Monique Allen Davy on the Mel K Show... check it out!
Introducing Alex Newman from The Liberty Sentinel ( excellent!
Jimmy Dore representing the "middle" on Tucker Carlson... calling out the oligarchs, the imperialists, the new world order globalists... a message of solidarity!
A look into the adverse effects of 5G and the techno grid... interesting.
This short video from Amazing Polly shares EMF research from a biomedical scientist... support the video above.
You might enjoy some of the podcasts on the Prager U channel... check it out!
A deep dive on Africa introducing PD Lawton and two essays from her website... excellent research material.

Introducing Lawrence Freeman, a political-economic analyst with 30 years experience in Africa...
An essay on the history of Canadian nationalism by Matt Ehret... worth a read!
The following link is a lecture by Matt Ehret sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... check it out!
Two links below that explain two periods in history that may surprise you... excellent historical research material!

Below is a link to the Schiller Institute... excellent resource site.
Before Elton John was given a "sir" to put before his name... 
The story behind the lyrics of this song written by Bernie Taupin...
And now a classic rendition of two even more classic songs... Enjoy the summertime!


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