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AEA Newsletter - 07/01/2022
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Britfield creator Chad Stewart ( returns to the Mel K Show for an inspired interview... enjoy!  If you are a teacher or are raising kids or simply love children, then watch this one! 
The link below is Matt Ehret's Canadian Patriot Review and where you can order his book series in PDF or hard copy of "Clash of the Two Americas" (3-volume set)...
Matt Ehret returns with Mel K for another geopolitical, historical discussion... five-star!
Cynthia Chung is back with Tim Kelly for another interview... excellent!
Independent journalist and filmmaker Jason Bermas on the Mel K show... five-star!
Jim Willie unravels the nonsense with his intel analysis on the Zoon Politikon channel... enjoy!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 274:  Life After Lockdown.
A short clip with Mattias Desmet from Mikki Willis and his Plandemic 3... excellent!
Dr. Bryan Ardis connects the dots and offers his perspective... have a listen!
Introducing Jason Fyk on the Mel K Show... worth a listen!
Mel K welcomes Christie Hutcherson... check it out!
A patriotic pep talk with Michael Flynn on the Mel K Show... this one was better than I thought it would be... have a listen!
The Patel Patriot substack channel... a link to his first essay in the Devolution Series.
Charlie Ward joins Chas Carter and Dallas to share intel and updates... Charlie is coming to the US next month... Virginia Beach, Nashville and Florida.
David Icke breaks it down and explains and unravels the global NWO agendas... worth a listen!
Amazing Polly exposes more of their nefarious nonsense and the madness of the narrative... check it out!
This was an interesting insider testimony... interesting!
The "End of Germ Theory" documentary "The Big Pharma Cartel and the Deep Deception of Viral Pandemics"... check it out!
A book title that I found during an interview with Dave Snedeker on Ninos TV... Dave knew Walter Bowart who came to him wanting to make a film for him to direct that never materialized.  You can read the book at the link below...
Dave Snedeker is a Q intel researcher... it is a long broadcast for those into this intel.  I enjoyed the interview with Nino (, but did not watch the link below.
Here is a book by the Gurudas from 1996... I read it back then and it is still relevant today... read it for free below.  Other books by the Gurudas are Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healings:  Volumes I and II and The Spiritual Properties of Herbs.
If you haven't seen our third interview with Matt Ehret, then check it out at your leisure!
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