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AEA Newsletter - 07/8/2022
A blast from our historic past... stay the course!
A short clip from Sheriff Mack in honor of the 4th of July... support the CSPOA!
Robert David Steele's Public Intelligence Blog has been revived and you can once again access his extensive book reviews and much more... his sites at and also remain active.
Author and historian G. Edward Griffin joins Mel K for a dive on the formation of the Federal Reserve... excellent!
Jim Willie returns to Ninos TV with his forecasts and intel... worth a listen!
Joaquim Flores joins Mel K for geopolitical analysis and insights... five-star!
Rogue News with Matt Ehret, VGuerrilla and CJ... have a listen!
An essay by Matt Ehret from January, 2022 that lays out geopolitical activities from all sides of the global spectrum... worth a read and compliments the podcast above!
Introducing Brian Berletic (The New Atlas youtube channel) on The Dive with Jackson Hinkle... Matt Ehret mentioned his name in the podcast with Rogue News above.
This essay by Matt Ehret focuses mainly on the US and Lincoln's fight against the imperialists... excellent read!
The following lecture series, "Towards an Age of Creative Reason" was hosted by Matt Ehret and the Rising Tide Foundation is a full study... Enjoy at your leisure!
A lecture by Cynthia Chung on "Frederick Douglass and the Fight to Save the Soul of America"...
Cynthia Chung shares her insights on The American Journal... excellent interview! 
This essay by Cynthia Chung reveals the history of the City of London and more... have a read!
Kevin Hoyt from Vermont returns with Michael Jaco to share his insights and intel... enjoy!
Joel Gilbert joins Mel K to promote his documentary film on Michelle Obama... revealing!
Mel K and Bernie share common ground on making common sense and using critical thinking... Enjoy!
Sheriff Mack does an interview on the SGT Report... worth a listen!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #275: The Forbidden Debate
Introducing Catherine Edwards and her Rumble channel... have a listen!
Catherine Edwards has a conversation with David Mahoney sharing updates and some of his back story... five-star!
Jordan Peterson offers a short presentation during his European speaking tour... explore his youtube channel for more podcasts and topics!
Aubrey Marcus and David Charalambous have a conversation on belief systems, divide and conquer, and more... check it out!
Introducing author Leo Zagami with Michael Jaco... worth a listen!
Cynthia Chung gives her third and final lecture on C.S. Lewis... insightful study!
David Mahoney and Nick Sylvester introduce channel Katie Raine and her amazing story... a bit out there so use your own discernment.  
This second link is a Q & A with Katie, Mahoney and Nick.
Here is Katie Raine with Michael Jaco, Kevin Hoyt and Nick Sylvester... interesting!
Introducing Dannion Brinkley on Ninos TV... fascinating experiences shared in this one!
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