Alternative Educational Alliance
AEA Newsletter - 07/14/2022
Rippling some summertime blessings for those summertime blues!  Enjoy the sunshine wherever you might be or even a summer rain to cool you off!  Maybe a crystal and a book are the perfect companions on a quiet summer night... or when the sun begins to rise.
Introducing Brent Hamachek and Felisa Blazek and the Common Ground Campus... creative approach to problem solving and teaching young people.
Listen or read the following transcript by Cathy O'Brien followed by a second link to a recent interview with Joshua Reid... enjoy!
Election fraud is on the table with Sheriff Mack and the CSPOA... have a listen!
Ben Fulford returns to the Mel K Show for more intel and updates on Japan... check it out!
Jackson Hinckle talks about youtube censorship and moving forward... have a listen!
A recent essay by Matt Ehret on the Polar Silk Road... worth a read!
Matt Ehret shares insights on a collapsing economic system on CanadaPoli... worth a listen!
A recent article by Matt Ehret first posted at Whitney Webb's Unlimited Hangout... insightful research!
Cynthia Chung discusses her four-part series on Aldous Huxley... excellent!
An excellent essay by Cynthia Chung... have a read!
Anton Chaitkin delivers a five-star lecture sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... check it out!
In this essay Matt Ehret revisits the French Revolution and what went wrong... with additional links... worth a read!
Mel K joins the Flyover Conservatives for a comprehensive, deep dive interview... five-star!
Dr. Laura Sanger and Jessie Czerbotar on Ninos TV... on energy and sound frequencies... enjoy!
Amazing Polly does a deep dive on Richard Branson... interesting research!
Amazing Polly mentioned this 4-part essay series from investigative journalist Corey Lynn... excellent research!
A documentary film on human and child trafficking that may alarm you... check it out!
A special Las Vegas event with Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 276:  Turning the Tide. Jeffrey Jaxen does a report on the Farmers' Protest in the Netherlands and more... five-star!
Gareth Icke talks to Rebel News journalist Lewis Brackpool in the Netherlands... with the farmers challenging the Global Green "great" Reset head on!
Gareth Icke speaks to Lawrence Fox about his documentary film "GROOMED: How Schools Sexualize Your Children"... this is an eye-opener!
A tribute to Dr. Zelenko by America's Frontline Doctors... with several additional links.
Dr. Rima Laibow joins Maria Zeee for an informative interview... have a listen!
Introducing Jason Miller (tornado survivor) on Ninos TV... remarkable story!
David Icke gives a full interview with Craig Shulze... with subtitles.
A short presentation by Charlie Ward in Nashville at a personal event sponsored by Chas Carter.... have a listen!
Charlie meets up with Juan O'Savin and Mark Z... enjoy!
An X22 Report that focuses on the 2nd Amendment and other topics... worth a listen!
This looked fun... bring back the cartoonists!

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