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AEA Newsletter - 07/21/2022
Here was an essay I wrote recently entitled "Beyond Ertugrul and a Multi-Polar Alliance"... Enjoy!
We had the pleasure of attending the Freedom Crusade event in Huttington Beach on Wednesday night.  It was sponsored by Dr. Billy DeMoss ( featuring Dr. Bryan Ardis, Ty and Charlene Bollinger and Dr. Brian Hooker.  Below is a recent interview by both Dr. Ardis and Dr. Buttar with the Flyover Conservatives... five-star!
Mel K welcomes back author Charlie Robinson "The Octopus of Global Control"... seeing through the senseless global follies!
Investigative journalist Tom Luongo joins the Mel K show for intel and updates... check it out!
Cynthia Chung breaking it down on the real in this essay... have a read!  Followed by a recent interview on InfoWars!
Matt Ehret follows his wife Cynthia Chung on InfoWars sharing his geopolitical and historical insights... excellent!
The Last American Vagabond interviews Whitney Webb... excellent!
The Sharp Edge and investigative journalist Corey Lynn... have a listen!
Introducing Chilli Castro on Ninos TV... bridging the gap of differences... we need more of this!
Introducing Pete Santilli on the Mel K Show... have a listen!
A podcast from PragerU that attempts to bridge the gap and open the discussion... have a listen!
Diamond and Silk return to the Mel K Show... check it out!
Patrick Bet-David brings Dr. Rashid Buttar on for an in-depth interview onto his show... originally aired in May of 2020... five-star!
Kevin Jenkins joins Dave at the X22 Report on the medical-chemical-vaccine complex and Dr. Zelenko's ZFoundation ( five-star!
Another five-star presentation of Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #277:  Covid Relapse
A link below supporting Sheriff Mack and the CSPOA... check it out!  In this one with Sam Bushman, don't get distracted by his eye movements, he is totally blind.
Michael Jaco and Scott McKay chop it up... have a listen!
Michael Jaco brings back Dr. Cordie Williams for insights on the California political fronts...
Kash Patel joins Ninos TV for a short interview... check it out!
Dr. Simone Gold shares her story on the Mel K Show... five-star!
A sobering presentation by Jordan Peterson... interesting viewing points.
A three-part lecture series by Cynthia Chung on science fiction writer C.S. Lewis... fascinating!
Dustin Nemos known for his put together The Serapeum website... the content here is way out on the fringe, so explore with discernment.  The following link is a series of videos "Hidden His-Story of Man"...not really my cup of tea, but others may like it.
For the love of alliances and in the spirit of friendship... remarkable international ensembles participating in the "Playing for Change" project.
And one Live in Brazil track for good measure... Enjoy!
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