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AEA Newsletter - 07/28/2022
A note on this extensive list of links this week... toward the end there are two interview links in regard to the new documentary film "Alex's War" by Alex Lee Moyer.  The first one is Glenn Greenwald interviewing Alex Jones and Alex Lee Moyer.  The second link is Alex Jones interviewing director Alex Lee Moyer.  This makes my heart sing to see people from different walks of life crossing the "divide" of Left/Right or Liberal/Conservative separation... the heart of humanity and the sovereignty of the individual soul goes far beyond two cultural groups in society.
I am realizing that "An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe" makes for a good bathroom book as it may be easier to digest in small doses.  Support our AEA Ministries with a donation and buy a book for yourself or a friend!  
A short video clip introduction with narration of Matt Ehret's "An Unfinished Symphony"... and then a second video clip too!
A transcript of Cynthia Chung's lecture or listen to it with slide show... excellent research!  Followed by a link to another five-star essay!
Journalist and author Jack Cashill joins Mel K for another conversation on common sense versus the woke culture... five-star!
Ben Carson joins Ninos TV for a comprehensive conversation on racism and his new book "Created Equal"... have a listen!
Introducing Melisa Arnautovic on the Charlie Ward show... have a listen!
This is Melisa's YouTube channel below...
Dr. Rashid Buttar back in the public speaking his truth and inspiring humanity... check it out!
Dr. Billy DeMoss interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis... worth a listen!
Del Bigtree and his weekly Highwire show... Episode 278: Radical Truths
An interesting radio podcast with Matt Ehret on Joseph Arthur's Dreamcast podcast... enjoy!
Dr. Jordan Peterson has a conversation with Senegal native and author Magatte Wade... educational and inspirational!
A documentary film by Matt Walsh Productions... "What is a Woman"... exploring the gender "issue" that reeks of woke culture... hard for myself to swallow all this... confusing the basics and creating an issue out of nonsense.
The next several links below are various perspectives on geopolitics and history... a few are individuals that I recently discovered, and others are ones you are familiar with already.
An excellent presentation hosted by Matt Ehret featuring Joaquim Flores.. have a listen!
Mel K welcomes back Matt Ehret for a 90-minute interview... you will learn from this one!
Matt Ehret shares geopolitical insights in the essay below... Enjoy the read!
Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung have started another reading series (open to all for free) focusing on the lectures and writings of Abraham Lincoln and Henry C. Carey... below is a link to the first session... these readings occur at 8:00 PM/EST on Wednesdays.
Matt Ehret rejoins VGuerrilla for the "Great Game" podcast... geopolitics and more!
Posting The Dive Show with Jackson Hinkle's geopolitical insights and views... check it out!  
I decided to post a second link below from a few days later with another commentator, Gonzalo Lira spliced in at 1 hr. 10 min. into the podcast... interesting insights and perspectives.
Below is a link from Gonzalo Lira's YouTube channel... this podcast highlights journalist Pepe Escobar (now in Istanbul, Turkey), Gonzalo is in Ukraine, Earl Grey is in St. Petersburg, and Alex C. is in Greece... a geopolitical roundtable that is worth a listen!
Updates with Juan O'Savin on Ninos TV... check it out!
The Flyover Conservatives welcome back Mel K for her geopolitical and national insights... enjoy!
Alex Newman hosts an event with Sheriff Mack and others... reaffirming our Constitution and standing for the people.
In this X22 Report, at around the 40-minute point, Dave shows geopolitical relations that were established between Trump and the BRICS leaders or so they say... have a listen.
Introducing Peter Navarro on the Mel K Show... worth a listen.
A comprehensive documentary film on the January 6th event that was not an insurrection and used as a false flag event... it was free on July 23rd, but not sure it will still be available for free when we send these links.
A short documentary that I posted a month or so ago... if you missed it, then check it out.
Updates from Simon Parkes and answering questions from Connecting Consciousness folks... worth a listen.
Nino hosts a roundtable with Nick Alvear, Alfredo Luna and Ron Partin... fun jam!
Nicholas Veniamin welcomes David Mahoney for intel updates... have a listen!
Short interview with Tim Ballard and his Operation Underground Railroad battling child sex trafficking... the film "Sound of Freedom" starring Jim Caviezel is based on Tim's story.
Filmmaker and journalist Jason Burmas does a deep dive on the Bohemian Grove... this will blow your mind a bit.  And then one of his documentary films "Invisible Empire" delving into the history of these cabal players.
A new documentary film by Alex Lee Moyers "Alex's War" about Alex Jones... this is an interview by Glenn Greenwald with Moyers and Jones that is worth watching... are we beginning to destroy the Right/Left divide and separate psyop (psychological operation)?  Second link is more focused on the director Alex Lee Moyers and you get to know her better... both of these are excellent!
Here are a few more tunes from the Playing For Change international sessions... music is one way to create more solidarity and unite people regardless of global machinations.

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