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AEA Newsletter - 08/4/2022
A five-star family edition with Del BigTree, his folks and a brother and sister, all live on the air in the studio in Austin, Texas for Episode #279... In the spirit of the AEA, have fun with this one and share with others!  
This week we feature a post by Cynthia Chung's lecture and slide presentation on "What Determines A Limit to Growth?" from December, 2021... Now in our Science section!
Below are links for our 4th podcast with Matt Ehret on Peace, Progress and Prosperity... Enjoy!
Also on the AEA Bitchute channel below...
Several supplemental reading links for our 4th podcast with Matt Ehret...
Matt Ehret answers questions from Russian channel Den TV... excellent analysis!
The Flyover Conservatives welcome back Mel K for a deep dive on the Ukraine...
Excellent analysis and insights in this updated essay by Matt Ehret... have a read!
Introducing the SmithBros podcast on the Mel K Show... worth a listen!
Mel K hosts Clay Clark for a conversation about the corrupt media attacking patriotic events... check it out!
Interesting mix of individuals including Dr. Buttar speaking on bogus agendas and lawsuits against big tech... have a listen!
Mel K welcomes back Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies... check it out!
Amazing Polly unmasks Deborah Birx... check it out!
Michael Jaco returns with insights and updates with Nick Veniamin... have a listen!
Kevin Hoyt joins Michael Jaco for an interesting chat... check it out!
David Mahoney welcomes Lois Hermann and Nick Sylvester sharing experiences from the Truth Tour in Las Vegas from a week ago...
Short clip from Sheriff Dar Leaf from Michigan... check it out!
Introducing former IRS agent Joe Banister on the The Sheriff Mack Show... enjoy!
In support of the interview above, here is Aaron Russo's documentary film "From Freedom to Fascism"... if you have never seen it, then definitely check it out!
Gareth Icke interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis... check it out!
We The Patriots USA announced its petition to make discrimination based on health status, including vaccination status, illegal. "We have obtained thousands of signatures, but out goal is to get one million before we deliver this to Congress." Learn more and sign here if you are feeling it. 
Sacha Stone with his ARISE Guerrilla News #16... check out the lineup and see if it interests you!
More eclectic tunes from the Playing For Change catalogue of songs... enjoy!
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