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AEA Newsletter - 08/11/2022
Dedicated to educating, enlightening and exposing the truth!
Introducing Adam Seida's creative writing in "The Red Sky: A Parable"... posted by Cynthia Chung on her substack channel.
Here is Matt Ehret's post of our last podcast on Peace, Progress and Prosperity... check it out!
More short video readings from Matt Ehret's "The Unfinished Symphony" (Volume I of "The Clash of the Two Americas)... enjoy!
For those who appreciate a deeper study in American history, then check out the reading sessions sponsored by Matt Ehret and the Rising Tide Foundation... the link below includes the three past links to the first three sessions.
Matt Ehret joins VGuerrilla, CJ and Rogue News for analysis and intel... excellent!
Introducing Mark Bauer with Michael Jaco... down-to-Earth interview!
Pete Santilli returns to the Mel K Show on election integrity and other topics... Enjoy!
Jimmy Dore Show highlights the "president of vice" Dick Cheney and his bogus assertions about President Trump... absurdity at its best!
Short interview with Joey Gilbert and Mel K in Virginia Beach... excellent!
Juan O'Savin joins Michael Jaco for insights and updates... stay calm and stay the course!
They have a target on Jackson Hinkle and The Dive Show... standing his ground and sharing his geopolitical views!  First one has an interview clip with Roger Waters from Pink Floyd schooling CNN journalist (53-minute mark).  Second one is a comprehensive interview with Colonel Macgregor... five-star!
Mel K returns for another deep dive on "fact checkers" with the Flyover Conservatives... enjoy!
Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox returns to the Mel K Show... excellent!
Hmmm... posted by Jared James and My Patriots Network.
Introducing the Kandiss Taylor Show with interviews with Sheriff Mack and Sheriff Dar Leaf of Michigan... worth a listen!
An article by John Whitehead and the Rutherford Institute... have a read!
The PragerU interviews a parent in southern California who is filing a lawsuit against a private school in Brentwood because of the "woke" curriculum... check it out!
Actor and comedian John Cleese weighs in on the "woke" culture... enjoy!
Matt Ehret and the Rising Tide Foundation welcome Sean Stone for his perspectives on creativity and the art of film... worth a watch!
David Mahoney catches up with Nick Sylvester and Kevin Hoyt... good chemistry and conversations!
Gareth Icke interviews Whitney Webb and her new book "One Nation Under Blackmail"... revealing the Epstein network and more!
David Icke speaks up on the Alex Jones "show trial"... worth a listen!
Introducing director Nick Stumphauzer's film "These Little Ones"... excellent research!
Comedian Jim Breuer joins Nino for an animated conversation... check it out!
Below is Jim Breuer's comedy special that is going viral "Somebody Had to Say It"...
Jason Bermas interview with Isaac Kappy (from 2018)... shocking revelations!
Jason Bermas recent review of the tragedy of Isaac Kappy...
Introducing Brad Olsen with Dr. Sharnael and Craig Walker exploring Project Looking Glass and other topics... have a listen!
Gregg Braden joins Michael Jaco that is worth a listen!
Introducing Jason Shurka on Ninos TV... on the metaphysical fringe and worth a listen!

Jordan Peterson sits down with Larry Arnn (president of Hillsdale College in Michigan)... in-depth conversation and interview!
Here is a Spotify podcast with RFK, Jr. and permaculture farmer Joel Salatin... worth a listen!

Del Bigtree and The Highwire... Episode #280:  Rigged!
The Weekly Buzz with Dr. Billy DeMoss... check it out!
A few more tunes from the Playing For Change compositions...

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