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AEA Newsletter - 08/18/2022
Our AEA newsletter archives is now up to date including all past newsletters... excellent reference of links and various streams of knowledge.
We just established our CampusEarth Rumble channel and decided to repost a conversation we had with our dear sister, Elena Rayo from Ancient Wave Studios in Nevada City, California. Enjoy and join our Rumble channel!
Introducing Ole Dammegard with Michael Jaco on Unleashing Intuition Secrets... excellent independent researcher for 40 years!  I was first introduced to Ole Dammegard by Robert David Steele in 2020... his website is at with his research archives!
Five-star interview with Jason Bermas on the Mel K Show... check it out!
A free smoking Amazing Polly is pulling no punches in this one... have a listen!
Brent Hamachek joins Mel K to share insights on critical thinking... excellent analysis!
Jack Cashill is back on the Mel K Show... worth a listen!
Nick Veniamin keeping tabs on the U.S. with first Michael Jaco... the second link is with Lewis Herms and Kevin Hoyt.
Charlie Ward just before the ReAwaken Tour in Batavia, New York joined with Dallas and Chaz Carter... check it out!
A short interview with Mel K and Jason Bermas... behind-the-scenes at the ReAwaken Tour!
Jason Bermas' presentation at the ReAwaken Tour... worth a listen!
Introducing Meredith Sithel, founder of TigerLili Resources, on the Mel K Show... eye-opening!
Michael Jaco interviews Sheriff Mack... excellent!
The unedited full interview with Sheriff Mack that he recorded... worth a listen!
Joey Gilbert and Scott McKay share intel and updates... excellent!
Is peace, progress and prosperity finally emerging in Africa... read the essay below with multiple links throughout and connect the dots!
Matt Ehret interviewed by Vanessa Beeley supporting his essay above... excellent!
Cynthia posts an article by Dr. Chris Martenson... worth a read!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #281:  Pandemic Politics... five-star interview and presentation with Senator Ron Johnson!
Jordan Peterson reads one of his articles as a message to the globalists... have a listen!
Florella Isabel and The Convo Couch with Matt Ehret, Ryan Christian and Danny Haiphong... Enjoy the insights and perspectives!
The Dive with Jackson Hinckle... two-episode links below.
A two-minute rap clip that Jackson shares at 117 minute mark... brilliant!
Two short video clips on this post from My Patriots Network... worth watching!
Three-part essay series by Cynthia Chung that are five-star... have a read!
Two excellent essays by Matt Ehret... read on!
Mel K rejoins the Flyover Conservatives to unpack the NWO climate change agenda... excellent research!
I am re-posting this presentation by Cynthia Chung in support of Mel K's deep dive above... if you have yet to watch this, then check it out!
Comedian Jim Breuer gets personal and keeps it on the real... the link for his comedy special "Somebody Had to Say It" is right here...
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