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AEA Newsletter - 08/25/2022
Introducing our dear friend Forest Finn and our first Adventures in Consciousness podcast... Enjoy and share with others!  You can watch it on our Bitchute channel or on the AEA website.
In preparation for our zoom conversation with Cynthia Chung this Monday, I posted this interview with Mel K that I recently watched again... Enjoy!
Introducing Daniel Prince and his daughter (for two questions) who live in the UK interviewing Matt Ehret... five-star!
Dr. Bryan Ardis unloads on the Mel K Show... check this out!
Jason Bermas unveils more of the twisted agendas of the globalists in the school system... this was is an eye-opener!
Mark and Terri Stemann join with Mary Flynn O'Neill on the Mel K Show... on the trail of the CPS and missing (stolen) children.
Introducing Courtney, a child welfare specialist, on the Mel K Show... alarming!
A short clip from UFC fighter calling out Jimmy Kimmel and pedophilia... the cracks in the dam are leaking the truth!  This one posted by Josh Sigursdon on his World Alternative Media channel.
Cathy O'Brien joins the Courtenay Turner podcast for an in-depth interview... excellent!
Here is Courtneay Turner's podcast channel and a recent interview with Justin Deschamps that is worth a watch!
The Flyover Conservatives welcome back Mel K for another deep dive... check it out!
Nino brings on Kash Patel to discuss the FBI attack on Trump... check it out!
Introducing radio host Ken Matthews with Michael Jaco... excellent with a sense of humor!
Michael Jaco with Patrick Bergy and Scott Bennett for an interesting roundtable...hmmm!
Michael Jaco welcomes Sacha Stone for an insightful and stimulating conversation with special guest Clayton Thomas... Recorded earlier this year... Enjoy! 
Clayton Thomas and his wife Dr. Christina Rahm's website and products...
VGuerrilla and the Rogue News with Matt Ehret... historical and geopolitical insights and perspectives!
VGuerrilla and the Rogue News interview Joaquim Flores... excellent geopolitical insights!
The Dive with Jackson Hinkle... updates and intel on the Russian/Ukraine fronts.
Vanessa Beeley with a short article worth reading... check it out!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #282:  Food Fight
In memory of Olivia Newton-John... may she shine her light on campus Earth!
Ty and Charlene Bollinger's documentary series "Propaganda Exposed: Episodes 1 and 8 posted below...
A Simon Parkes update with insights and intel... have a listen!
David Mahoney's Bitchute channel... check out a podcast!
Nick Veniamin weclomes back David Mahoney for intel and updates... have a listen!
The link below is the 3rd Reading Session on Henry C. Carey sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation and hosted by Matt Ehret... the discussion around the readings was insightful and interesting!
This historical essay by Matt Ehret also includes a link to a lecture he did on the subject... have a read and enjoy!
To follow up on the post above, here is a lecture Cynthia Chung did awhile back on the classical period with a focus on the cults of Delphi... fascinating!
For those who love to delve deep into science... check out the links below!
Gregg Braden rejoins Michael Jaco on his Unleashing Intuition Secrets podcast... have a listen!
Introducing musician and radio host Joseph Arthur on the Mel K Show... five-star!
If you are a musician, producer or recording engineer, check out Ancient Wave Studios to record your next album or song!
More tunes from the Playing For Change collection... Enjoy!
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